Those wonderful nannies and housekeepers…you better DUCK!

John J. Nazarian
December 20, 2007

Would you trust her?!You know, if ever there was a toxic cloud over couples in the throes of a divorce, it is those paid losers you have around you. Whether you call them nannies, housekeepers or baby-sitters, they are a potential plague that can kill you in court. Many of these paid hangers-on don’t like you! YES! I said it…most of these people don’t like you, and if you did not pay them, would sooner throw your kids to the wolves — and throw you with them! They kiss your butt and clean and toil for you only because you pay them…stop paying them and see how nice to see you they will be. If you are the soon-to-be-former wifey, these misfits will write a declaration in a heartbeat to screw you in court, they are the cut-rate version of “evaluators.” And many will follow the money…or in the lowest denomination, have perhaps feelings for your hubby!

Do your homework before hiring: go visit their former places of employment. I don’t care if you have to stay overnight someplace. Know who you are letting into your house, never trust them, AND DON’T SAY THINGS THAT THEY CAN WRITE ABOUT LATER! Watch yourself around them; they see and hear a great deal, and will remember things as they want to remember them. Most of us call this lying, for them it is getting even! Even the baby-sitter will suddenly “recall” things when pushed and directed by the other side…you can say “Oh, they are lying”…sweetie, no one will care once it is in declaration form! I was once told that if you only speak “it,” “it” has no significance; when “it” is in writing, then “it” becomes a “FACT!” How many of you have been hit with this problem? I bet too many to count!

When you get ready to pull the plug on Stupid (hubby or wifey), the safest course is to get rid of the staff and helpers. Watch your own kid and clean your own house until this is over…and this goes for rich and regular people! Even illegals get to talk shit about their employers, their word is accepted by the court. Yes, people who are here illegally, who you gave an opportunity to better their life, will get to take a big crap on your life.

One more thing: do not accept any help from the soon-to-be-EX…you know, like he generously finds a “housekeeper” and sends him or her to your place to help…it’s a ploy, a Trojan horse! You cannot trust anyone when you are in the middle of all this crap, no siree. Watch the people working for you and be careful, because they are listening and will recall as DIRECTED stories (of course putting you in the worst possible light) that will make you want to die! Ask me about the friggin’ dog walker, this Biggest Loser/Biggest Liar contender acted like she was so into my client’s life that she wanted to be her…and then turned around and wrote a declaration against her with the help of the Ex’s lawyers (how did we know she had help writing it? She had used words with more than five letters in them!)! Please, TRUST NO ONE!

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