Tracking, Montana style

John J. Nazarian
May 20, 2024

One of my specialties I developed over the last 32 years was locating trackers that were placed on vehicles. “Spy Games”, they really are games as to what you can do to catch someone doing something that maybe they should not be doing. I don’t care what kind of mode of transportation a tracker was placed. IF, a tracker device was placed on it, ‘after market,’ I and my team had a 100% percent success rate in finding them. Don’t forget some manufactures have tracking devices installed on them from the factory and that is wired into the wiring harness. Those are generally utilized to locate a vehicle in the event of an emergency, and often require your interaction with the service as provided.

Through the years we removed trackers from almost every imaginable location on cars, boats and a few airplanes. Airplanes are tricky in so much that they are built with technology for locating the aircraft due to them being airplanes! Tail numbers are still a great source of identifying aircraft.

Motor homes were always fun and we did several of those just to keep track for several of our clients. Keeping in mind that we also were damn clever in placing them in places that for short periods of time they were never found. Some I am sure are still on cars long sold and auctioned off!

One client in particular was Shaunie O’Neal, this still sticks out in my memory primarily as to what a pleasant person she was. Back in 2010 or 2011 we removed devices from the gold colored Mercedes Benz and a dark colored Nissan SUV. Never got to meet Shaquille O’Neal, but we sure did curb someone’s ability to keep track of whoever was driving those two cars.

More often than not most people are oblivious to the fact that they are being tracked by ‘interested’ parties. Some can be as simple as placing a tracker in the boot of the trunk or hard wiring into the taillights and leaving the device concealed. Battery powered trackers are excellent too, they can last up to 4 months with a battery pack attached. (great for short term use as in time they could be discovered by a service technician or who knows who may look under the vehicle and ask, “hey what is this.” For a professional, keeping track of someone aka a ‘target’ these devices are the best. I don’t have to have someone followed playing games in heavy traffic, which is very difficult to do with any success. It is much better to go to a location and find your target than chasing them through traffic and all the risk that involves.

As I have stated, these devices for us are the best to gather information on the whereabouts of an individual’s vehicle with no question. Through the years these devices and the technology that has been developed are incredible and almost foolproof. If you are a ‘stalker’ you should be warned to research the laws of your state in your use of these devices. Having a P.I. license gives me access for sure, however, I still need to be careful in how I operate and gather information. “ The client is the enemy.”

Many of our clients are high net worth individuals and can be generous to their girlfriends and boyfriends. Generous in buying them cars or allowing them to use a personal car, you have to keep the flavor of the month happy. I recommend that tracking devices be placed on all vehicles when our clients purchase, boats and ATV’s too, and never revealing it. “Being Prepared” is always the best place to be, just as I was taught as a young ‘Boy Scout’, still a great mind set.

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