My Oaths To America

John J. Nazarian
May 15, 2024

I have taken so many ‘Oaths to Defend’ this country I have lost count. The big one was, of course, my swearing in as a Naval recruit. I served honorably and was discharged with the best discharge you can get, HONORABLE DISCHARGE! Then all the times I was sworn in as member of law enforcement officer, state and federal -to protect and to serve this country “Against all enemies foreign and domestic” through the years. What did that mean? Certainly anyone screaming “Death to America”. That is an enemy, and what should I do, Oh no question in mind what I would love to do or watch being done…. but I do need to be careful as I am a white male.

What all of us in America have witnessed was the attack of a sitting president from the time President Trump stood on the podium and took the oath of office. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler all of these bottom feeders are traitors to this country without question. This gang got together and plotted to disrupt the Trump Administration at all costs, even making up blatant lies. With all the garbage impeachments, Schiff’s Russian Hoax and the other shenanigans this group of self serving degenerates put together. (there was a time in our country’s history that these self serving SOB’s would be taken out and shot and or hung )

Now we have these black females, Fanni Willis and her big sister Letitia James, both of these people, if not for the color of their skin would have been fired and or dismissed for malfeasance in office. Being black gives these incompetent boobs total and complete immunity from anything that they do Intelligent of Ghetto Stupid. That is a fact…. imagine making threats as a possible attorney general candidate against someone, No Problem if you are a BLACK FEMALE! What if it was reversed, the AG is white and her target was a black man that he or she promised to “get”? Hysterical, forget about it!!! Watching Fanni Willis testify in the hearings brought back the days of Amos and Andy radio sitcom from the 1900’s. ** Note the original voices on the show were white actors. All her “Shucking and Jiving”, just gave many of us in America that moment in thinking that again, “No good deed goes unpunished,” think about it!

Watching the invasion of America from our borders. How does this look acceptable to any law abiding citizen of this country? Simple, it is not and we as a country are going to pay for it dearly, the next attack will be bigger than 9-11. Tell me the difference between the KKK in the tactics that member of the KKK thought were good in the way the blacks were treated and that of Muslims in America today. The both wear covering over their heads, their rhetoric too is as full of hate and threats of death, with the biggest difference being is that all of us “Infidels” who are standing on thin ice, all of us non muzzies.

Let there be no question in anyone’s mind that America is being invaded by the Chinese government as well as several muslim countries. ** NO ONE GETS OUT OF CHINA WITHOUT PERMISSION!** Thousands of military age young Chinese came into America! One day someone will look back at my thoughts and will come to the conclusion, I was of course right as white! We have as many radicalized Muslims living amongst us in America that exist if Gaza! As a matter of fact it is to the point that the old bastard sitting in the Oval Office aka Biden is trying to appease the masses of Muslims who are breeding in Michigan. FACT! God help America and lets all hope America survives, personally I have concerns. It is the sole intent of many muslims multiplying like vermin in America is to destroy Western Civilizations as we know it today. We have these sons of bitches chanting, “Death to America”, in America. ** My Oath? These Muslims that Biden is trying to ‘appease’ are multiplying like swine right here in America and spreading like dysentery. Not all, but many have a common goal to destroy the United States and to never assimilate. Yes, and I am smiling as I type, this is a FACT! C.A.I.R. is a very powerful political force in these United States of America, they control all things Muslim, especially the Muslim agents in our congress. ** Interesting observation is that it is the female Muslims who are the SHILLs that are gaining access to positions of power as they appear less threatening to the general population than the bearded bastards!

Just look at those Jihadist sitting in our congress, just close your eyes and imagine what it will be like when more of these inbred whores gain power in America’s government. So clever, these vermin are using our very own constitution against us, another unpleasant fact. Why do you think that they are multiplying like flies?? It is to control and occupy local, state and federal offices. Just listen and pay attention to what these Muslim whores are spewing from the Congress of the United States. Wake up America, we are in deep trouble!!

Aisha Wahab, is now in the California senate, Nabilah Islam, sits in the Georgia senate, Illan Omar, who was not sure who her husband was represents Minnesota in congress, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Congress. Georgia Muslim Voter Project (GAMVP ) look at this, Muslims have their own organizations that are both state and national to promote THEIR AGENDA. ** Anyone reading this and thinks this is all good for America, please don’t hurt your ears when you pull your head out of your ass!**

And if ANY organization promoting “ WHITE AMERICA ” when it surfaces is accused of being racists. Really? The simple mention of “white”, it / you will be labeled a racists and they will do all they can to sully the reputation and ideas of that organization. Call me a racists due to my thoughts and I will wear that title with honor as I know the truth. I have been watching it develop for years and my proof? “Death to America” being chanted right here in America by Muslims and their sympathizers.

To all my brethren who took the same oaths to protect this great country of our birth will one day have no other choice but to rise up or be trampled into the dirt as America is ‘taken’, by those very same “ ENEMIES, DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN “ that we were to protect these United States from.

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