John J. Nazarian
April 24, 2024

The demonstrations and the Anti Semitic chants coming from some of America’s Universities has been in the planning for more than 20 years. This is not speculation or theory this is as much a fact as the sun will come up tomorrow our universities were and are targeted. America is in fact being invaded by jihadists in every form imaginable in main stream civil rights, these Muslims are making their presence seem normal in schools here in America. The fact is that the very same radical islamist who hate America and want to destroy our Western Culture are using our very own constitution to crush us and they are doing it with such splendor! These people are here in force all over America and we have Joe Biden to thank for much of it, certainly not all of it…..muslims with their personal agendas having coming for many years. We now hear “death to America” with those accents we heard on our TVs coming from ‘sand land’. Don’t need a TV news caster, it is coming live and in person from cities in America!

Robert Spencer wrote a book titled “Stealth Jihad” in his book he writes of how Radical Islamist are attacking without using guns. Look at some of the countries major cities, muslims, many radicalized are taking over local governments, the technique is called “ little by little “. Not so secretly with their radical muslim agendas, look at the muslims sitting in the Congress of the United States! These women are in fact islamic agents pushing that radicalization of western values to meet the muslim agenda. The Muslim Brotherhood should have been stamped out of existence, again, they use our own laws in their attempt to destroy these United States.

“In 1988, an FBI source inside the Muslim Brotherhood revealed that the Islamist group’s proxies in America had a six-phase plan to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.” [1] Among these front groups was The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a think tank committed to the “Islamization of knowledge.”[2] This ideology, as Professor Vali Nasr writes, entails the subordination of scientific inquiry to “the mere implementation of the assorted teachings of the Shariʿa.”[3]” *** Taken from Campus watch 3.19.2018

“For too long, American universities have allowed IIIT to shape the development of Islamic Studies in this country. They have ignored IIIT’s anti-intellectualism expressed in its commitment to the “Islamization of knowledge,” meaning the suppression of scholarship not sympathetic to Islamists. Left-wing activists who censor campus discussions about radical Islamism provide cover for IIIT’s regressive ideology. They further its agenda to suffocate any scrutiny of Islamism and the broader Islamic tradition.” *** Taken from Campus watch 3.19.2018.

The point here is that the planned take over of Americas very prestigious universities ever so slowly has been going on for many years. The attitude of the handlers of these invaders is simple. They do not care if it takes a 1,000 years, the inevitable is coming. Today we see the incredible results of all that money and planning has accomplished, I must say congratulations! Turkey worked very hard to get their agenda presented in all Ivy League universities and it worked. Radicalized muslims and the sheep that follow them are creating havoc on almost all of America’s major university as planned. Jewish students are being forced to run for their lives, Jews are not feeling safe in America, am I overly exaggerating? Hell I am, these sons of bitches are living and hiding amongst us and there are millions of them breeding in America. Whoever thought this would ever be possible? One person was my father, who lost most of his family during the Armenian Massacres. Like so many things my father was right, no place that the Quran is read does any good come.

Every time Is see or hear of a mosque being built I want to puke, because I fully understand what is going on. There is an edict from several Muslim run countries that have mandated that a mosque be built in every single state and city in these United States. ( don’t think so all you have to do is look ) Don’t believe me? Do a little research, do a little reading and open your eyes. Every mosque built is for the sole breeding of those who want to destroy America, America and our values have been a target of Islam since the inception of this country.

I can hear the moans and groans, “ what about the good ones “? These people are all reading the same book, folks, the holy Quran. Unless you are a slow study, read it and if you feel warm and fuzzy after reading it as an infidel you are just stupid and will deserve the wrath that one day will come to your door.

The action that Hamas took on October 7, 2023 will be repeated again and again in the future, these people live for this. America got a stinging example on 9-11 and we will get more in the days and weeks to come. Oh these bastards are not done, they are never done as I said they wake up every morning looking forward to what terror they can disperse. Keep in mind children in Gaza and others learn to count by counting dead Jews!

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