The Wannabe Sicilian

John J. Nazarian
March 26, 2008

SicilyWell after a three day break in the fun and games of the Pellicano trial, aka “Omerta is dead,” we were met Tuesday morning by a gentleman named Peter L. Knecht, Esquire. His client and friend is a guy named Bilal Barody…a guy who is claimed to live almost everywhere and then again nowhere. A castle, a condo on the Wishire corridor, or who knows. He does, however, owe Ronny $300,000.00 and is being handled by Ronnys friend Pellicano. Oh, I almost forgot, Ronny is also known as Ron Meyer, the CEO of Universal Studios! Yes, another Mr. Big! Pellicano tells Mr. Knecht that his friend’s “life is about to change exponentially. And not to forget his knack of name dropping, which he does to the point of nausea, tells this guy that “Victor Sherman told me I could call you.” There, this makes it all better that clown boy is threatening his friend.

Again here we are listening to Exhibit 35a, a recording of Pellicano doing his thing from September 20, 2000…then out of nowhere he tells Mr. Knecht to hold on! All of a sudden we are hearing Da Sarge, Mark Arneson, calling in for his next assignment, telling “daddy” that he is not at work yet. That does not slow the Feathered One: he gives him a number to look up and get it done! Arneson’s lawyer, Mr. Hummel looked as if he had just passed a 1 pound kidney stone! This was not good…not only do we have to look at Arnesons handy work everyday on the big screen, but now we get to hear his voice, LIVE! This recording was Pellicano doing his “super goombah” bullshit to the point that I want to run and get a meatball sandwich! Pellicano mentions Sicily and “Friends.” I wonder if he knows the little piece of shit that I and Commissioner Scott Gordon sent back to Sicily (permanently, after a little prison vacation for stalking Andrea Thompson)? Pellicano did the matter of honor thing, and you have to wonder what this guy Knecht was thinking? And then when he thinks that Knecht can help, he tells Mr. Knecht, I will tell Ron that you were instrumental in helping to get his 300 grand back!

It appears that the bottom line was that Ron Meyer was using Pellicano to do the famous collection routine, and you have to wonder why “castle boy” Barody would not hire someone to kick the Pellicans fluffy ass! Why had not someone busted this guy’s face?! That is just as interesting as the bullshit he pulled on women and rich men.

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