Pellicano Trial: Linda Fiorentino co-stars in Rossini operetta

December 5, 2008

Linda Fiorentino, meet J. Edgar HooverWas that an earthquake that hit Washington, D.C.? Hell no, that was just my former hero J. Edgar Hoover spinning in his grave. The Washington Post reports that a seasoned veteran of the F.B.I. has been indicted for slipping anchovies to The Pelican in the form of dirt illegally accessed from FBI computers (see the full charges here). A dishonest F.B.I. Agent?! No, you say! Oh, but true. The One Man Plague to law enforcement careers hit again, none other than “Tony Pee,” aka Anthony Pellicano. If this story does not act as a lesson to people in law enforcement to step back and think before ever working with or for a private investigator, I don’t know what will. One former cop now stocks the shelves of a grocery store with bread, one will be looking at SIXTEEN YEARS (16) in a federal prison being locked up as an inmate, and now disgraced and soon to be former F.B.I. agent Mark T. Rossini has just heaved himself onto the same sandbar!

What was on Special Agent Rossinis mind to get involved in such a silly plot? Did he think that he could topple Special Agent Stan Ornellas? What was going to be his big payday? A weekend in Vegas for himself and that wingnut actress girlfriend of his, Linda Fiorentino? Pellicano we know as the “Ultimate Goombah,” Fiorentino sounds a little like a dish you might find in a cheap Italian eatery, and Rossini…holy shit, we may have just uncovered the real “Italian Connection.” I can see it all now, three Goombahs sitting and spinning pasta on a spoon and plotting. But plotting what, who will go to jail first? It is so true that when you throw cops, money, P.I.s and one or two crazy bitches into the mix, it is going to blow up in someone’s face……this I can speak from personal experience many years ago.

Well, I hope that my hero has not spun his panties into a knot as he lays and spins in his grave. We all have to admit one thing: without J. Edgar Hoover the F.B.I. will never be the same…

It was also reported that Linda Fiorentino was afraid of a double cross on the part of Marty Singer. Marty Singer, the Bentley of Entertainment Lawyers! Marty Singer, the lawyer who makes other lawyers cringe when they receive his famous letters? Folks, I have spoken to Mr. Singer when I worked on a very high profile case involving one of his clients, and his reputation is not one you want to mess with. He is the very best your money will buy in this town and country, there is not another entertainment lawyer who can take this guy on. Even when he is laying in bed and in need of a pot of chicken soup, you do not want to antagonize this guy. You don’t get to be where Marty Singer is in this world by engaging in any tom foolery. When Ms. Fiorentino began making those comments she should have been taken immediately to a treatment facility or a nice long vacation in a nice warm place.

Sneak Peek: The plot here folks was to attack the credibility of Special Agent Stan Ornellas, who had an incredible and dedicated career at the FBI, and is now retired and looking great! I was there when Stan the Man testified and guess what, he never stuttered and stayed the course, full-speed ahead! Oh, by the way….if you ever see this guy moving towards you, you would be well-advised to step aside…just trust me on this one.

There will be much more on this to come and it will be all done my way!

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