Pellicano Trial: Bad Blood Behind Boxoffice Bomb

John J. Nazarian
March 26, 2008

RollerballMovie producer Charles Victor Roven (Batman Begins, Three Kings) comes in next on Tuesday, and he sits and listens with us to Exhibit 54a, a recording of his former partner, director John McTiernan (Diehard, Predator) telling Anthony Pellicano that Roven is a rich fuck-up and is what he is. That had to hurt. A rich fuck-up, is that any different than a poor one…YES! Roven was the producer and McTiernan the director of the remake of Rollerball, a movie that I hated…Pellicano tells “McT” that he has “to listen to every one of them,” i.e. the wiretaps of Mr. Roven and his wife. This guy McT is getting the Pellicano massage of removing his money from his wallet. Pellicano tells him that he still owes $25,000.00, and that there is so much more work to be done…

Pellicano does the no one in the room with you? routine…you got to add the mystery, it makes it more valuable! Mr. McTiernan is very much aware of the taps and asks How much do I owe you?…All of us in the room already know the answer to that question, “$25,000.00.” LMAO when the Pelican states, only two people in the world who know about this.” And now the rest of the world! Pellicano tells McT that, “I am giving you a big break” …right in the ass! He works this moron like a three dollar hooker trying to get him to go for more “magic,” and he won’t go for no more!

Pellicano and McT are talking about”kickbacks,” “paying off the local fire department in Montreal while filming Pluto Nash…23 million over budget! The King and I was 2 million over due to bribes to individuals in Malaysia…money money money!

And Pellicano has to do the name drop thing and does so on tape! Yeah! Mc T is done with poor “Rich Fuck-Up”…he further shares with all of us that Roven sucks his dick Big Time in reference to a Japanese investor by the name of Hiro. Pellicano chimes in not to be out done that Jake Bloom (heavyweight Hollywood attorney) is the “Jewish Pancho Villa”…I wonder if he is circumcised?? Pellicano tells McT that One phone call from me and Jake will straighten him out, hell yeah, Jake the Jewish Pancho Villa…who will look at this guy Bloom in the same way?!

But the KING OF OMERTA is not done. He goes on to say in this recording that Michael Nathanson (producer and studio exec) and he are real tight! “I saved his fucking life”…cocaine and prostitutes and of course, he owes me. And of course, “He is scared to death of me”… Omerta what? Omerta this Michael! And in closing about his multiple accomplishhments, he tells McT we caused some fucking chaos…apparently in reference to what he was doing against the “rich fuck-up” Roven. All this over a crappy movie. What a business!

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