Trash can buffet

Tweet Holiday Inn Express & Suites 27513 Wayne Mills Pl, Valencia, CA 91355 Hotel Employee: “Christian” Front Office Manager: Marge Manimtim 661-284-2101 Note: This hotel had opened in April 2021…. guess they More »

Et tu, Sammie

Tweet Oh no, tell me it ain’t so. Lisa Helfend Meyer got sued by Ya-Ya Holdings! Sure did; check out BC 695400 Dept. 52 with the Honorable Judge Armen Tamzarian presiding. Ya-Ya?? More »

The Wonderful World of Divorce

Tweet The Wonderful World of Divorce and those who reap the incredible rewards are quite a bunch.  Over the years, we have often heard of female-owned and run DIVORCE firms and how More »

Hasta la Vista, California

Tweet Well, it was inevitable. I am officially not a Californian anymore. Done! I can only describe the feeling similar to slipping into a pair of Ugg’s slip-ons. I got my new More »

Rhett Butler said it the best

Tweet Recently I was reminded of how highly disliked I am among DIVORCE lawyers. All over the country and especially here in S. California.  Really?  And I should give a shit why? More »


Get well soon Judy

Tweet Recently I was informed that Judith Dahlman Rhodes, Commissioner of the Superior Court, was not feeling well. (passed BAR 12.7.88) I have to say I am a little surprised. Judy represented Paul Anka in a tough custody battle and,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Tweet Merry Christmas, and I hope, A Happy New Year!   What can be said of 2020? For us, business was great; personal tragedies at times seemed unbearable. Well, here I am at 28 years of putting the ‘trash to

Lollipop Lollipop

Tweet     Kelly Clarkson’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, Esq., has knocked the wind out of the custody plans of her husband Brandon Blackstock and his two lawyers. Blackstock is represented by Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq., and Samantha F. Spector, Esq.,

Welcome Julie McAlarnen

Tweet From the “ugly and miserable” comes a truly wonderful and fresh rainbow! Julie McAlarnen has formed her own law group, and we are predicting that it will be a good place for all my followers to check out! Julie

Divorce Bound

Tweet One of my favorite entertainers is Kelly Clarkson, and as many of you may be aware, she is getting a DIVORCE from Brandon Blackstock. Not a long marriage as the two former love birds tied the ‘noose’ in 2013. 

God Bless America and DIVORCE!

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Anyone got a fiddle?

Tweet Through the years, I have often made referrals to lawyers that I felt comfortable with, regarding their ability to practice law.  And in doing so, in a few cases, I made serious errors of judgment in a lawyer’s ability