The Slop Shack

Tweet Have you ever looked up a restaurant’s ratings on YELP?  I use it to get a feel for the place we were going to visit and what we might be getting More »

Divorce and man-meat

Tweet Jerry Hall, Rupert’s current wife, and soon-to-be ex-wife, hired a local divorce lawyer to file papers here in Los Angeles (case #22STFL07156, filed July 1, 2022.)  Unfortunately, the lawyer she hired More »

Nazarian and Associates proudly announce

Tweet Nazarian and Associates are proud to announce that they are one of the sponsors of the Dennis Schuchard Memorial rodeo at the Blue Cat Arena in Huntley, MT, on the weekend More »


Tweet Getting licensed in a few states has brought us great joy. But, instead of retiring as I planned, we got busier. I love working in Washington D.C., the home of the More »

New Projects in the works

Tweet               John has been active recently, working on some new projects. First, he recently returned from being flown out to California by the New York More »


The Good Doctor

Tweet Talk about irony, or is it sarcasm, or a paradox, or is it all that and so much more? How does someone who has millions of dollars seem to care more about his desire for drugs and prostitutes than

The Hat

Tweet What certainly seems like a lifetime ago, I had the opportunity to work for EXTRA under the supervision of two of my all-time favorite people, Lisa “G” Gregorisch and Jeremy Spiegel, and the assignment was the Patrick Kim McDermott

Another kick in the teeth

Tweet Once again, America and its justice system get a kick in the teeth. Jussie Smollett has beat the system again. This fool is out of custody after being sent to jail for five months. Clever lawyering? I think not.

Ain’t they special

Tweet The once lovebirds of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not so much anymore. I must say I predicted this years ago. Look at the two of them. The Sperm Catcher has no talent, and The Sperm Donor is

RIP Warren R. Sacks

Tweet Warren R. Sacks, 61 years old, was shot and killed at his home on Encino Hills Dr. Encino, California. The shooting occurred on February 3, 2022; it was reported to have occurred around 1900 hrs. Warren was pronounced dead

You Lose Loser

Tweet Recently I was asked about LISA HELFEND MEYER, LAWYER, and that huge $50,000 sanction that was dropped on her by a Ventura County Family Law Judge. I was not, of course, present when Meyer seriously violated a section of

The American Holocaust

Tweet “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” — Plato Incredible to think that ancient history is as relevant today as when Plato decided to chip a few words in stone.   What this country, the