It was Mother’s Day for Virgie Arthur, too

May 12, 2009

DannielynnYou know, soon I am looking at 60 years on this planet, the big 50 knocked the wind out of my sails and the next big number is not any easier. To cut to the chase this ride will end sooner than I would like. Oh but what a ride it has been. Few can compete with my life experiences: adopted as an infant, terrible childhood, great childhood, high speed police pursuit at 16, the 70s, great sex, an embalmer, business owner, equipment operator, prison guard, deputy sheriff, police officer and now this, a private investigator and so much more.In saying that, I have come to the point in my life that I don’t care much who likes me or who does not. There have been people that I cared for and did not talk to for years, and I paid the penalty for my being petty and thick-headed. Certainly at the time I was positive that I was standing for something, but at this point I am not sure what it was… brother-in-law died during one of these times and I really did love the guy. Ahhh my sister had done something to piss me off and I shut down all communications, I showed them, I got to see my brother-in-law in a casket, yup I showed em!

As many of you know or don’t know or for that matter don’t care, I was a private investigator working for one of the defendants in the Anna Nicole Smith case. And I left prior to the criminal indictments being read and now work for one of the other defendants…did I jump ship? Absolutely not, I had my reasons and I felt that they were honorable and still do.

Something that has been bothering me for a couple of years however is this, why not give Annas mother time with her granddaughter? Why the wall? Virgie Arthur is getting old like me and all of the rest of us and is this really anyway to act. This child, Dannielynn, is her granddaughter and will always be her granddaughter. Funnier yet is this, how close did one of these people come to being “odd man out.” Ahhh, that god dam reversal of fortunes again and people’s memories are either short or very selective as to what they recall. For “recreating” history, that too is beyond funny, it was all on national television and that is the history I remember. The pictures of Mr. Birkhead and his lawyer — who can forget those days? At one point was there not an alliance with Mr. Birkhead and Ms. Arthur against one of the primary people involved in this case? Mother’s Day has just passed and for me it is just another day, a day like all the others, Easter, Valentines, Wood Chuck, folks this was just a plot by a very smart person to sell cards and get rich. And in the end is it not always about the money?

For Annas mother, how must she have felt? Lost her daughter, cannot see her granddaughter unless she sees or reads about the child on the page of a tabloid or a select media source and all of this legal crap continues. Would a little kindness hurt, a little time for this little girl to be with her grandmother…anyone show me the harm or threat that this former peace officer can bring to this child and I will never mention this subject again. This is not fair on so many levels. And I have a great deal more to say on this subject and will at the opportune time.

Maybe then her legal team would stop kicking ass in the Texas courts and give some of the people in California time to close their eyes and reflect! Without having fn angina attacks. Hell, I have to say not many people are closing their eyes for long for fear of getting hit with another boot! At this rate there are parts of Los Angeles looking like “Boom Town.” And I would have to think that besides a water shortage, things in Georgia are not so good either and forget about Florida, dam mosquitoes and lizards with big teeth eating peoples pets….give me an earthquake anytime.

And I have heard all the terrible stories about what Virgie Arthur did or did not do — oh please. She was a cop in good standing, so enough of that bullshit! All of us have stories about relatives (the old adage, you can pick your friends, you cannot pick your relatives) or actions that we took as parents and how badly we screwed up. You know what? when I became a dad no one gave me a Fn book to tell me how to do it and I have so screwed things up on numerous occasions that I am still sick over some of it, BUT, I tried. And I believe Virgie tried too…..let this woman be a grandmother! We are human and some of us have kids that will be what they want to be and will cause us pain and more grief than we could ever imagine and may not want to have us around. Guess what, in the end we are still their parents and I have been told that it is also a part of being a parent. Yes, I saw the tape of Anna ragging on her mom…guess what, so what, there might be a tape someday of one of my kids ragging on me, again it is all a part of being a parent. Build walls and be cruel and mean-spirited, all it will get you is misery and pain. Virgie Arthur was Annas mother and she will always be Dannielynns grandmother.

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