Dwayne Wade-ing through the muck

February 20, 2009

Dwayne and Siohvaughn WadeWhen the Honeymoon is over, girlfriend it is over! Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat is suing his wife and her two lawyers…for what you ask? An issue that crosses my desk all the time. It was reported that Siohvaughn (must be Black Irish!) Wade had contracted a sexually transmitted disease through the course of Dwayne having a diverse and bountiful sex life, or something to that effect. Hell, if you cannot stand the HEAT don’t marry an athlete, rocker, or certain members of the armed services…cops also have a bad reputation for being less than faithful. The happy couple were married in 2002, and their second son was born in 2007. Check out their digs in those happier times…now their lawyers are redecorating their houses…money money money. You know what they say about a man in uniform…I fondly recall how sharp I looked in all of my uniforms through California Prison Guard, Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer…I would look good even today, except it would take a little more uniform to cover my aging figure.

Well, it would appear that this is a lie, a poke in the eye, so to speak, “payback.” Dwayne Wade is pissed and he wants $50,000 from each of the defendants, aka “the three stooges,” his payback. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You know, call DCPS on some poor parent or relative and get that bullshit started, one parent brings home their son or daughter from an overnight and it is off to the ER to see if there has been sexual abuse, and of course the best one for us always will be garbage.

Playing dirty is a game seldom won, and judges in family law hear it all the time, and it can make one side or the other look real bad. The facts will often eventually float to the top, just like the corpse of a drowning victim as it begins to rot. If your little girl or little boy is being abused, call the police, call SOMEONE if it is REAL. The accusations within the divorce game are just as rotten as any “floater.” I often hear about issues concerning herpes (nice …. a gift that gives for life), or one worse than that is hepatitis, another gift for always…..ah love, is it not sweet. Hepatitis is one we have heard over the years involving young starlets and having to look for a new liver! My advice, ladies and gentleman, don’t make any medical allegations such as this unless they are real, and use them carefully…remember the bomb you drop may affect the former love of your life’s ability to make a living and your support could fly out the proverbial window as well. Sometimes leveling the playing field is important and not all the facts get recognized in court, and sometimes you may get the ugly feeling, “huh, what just happened?” as you walk from the courtroom. You better pull your lawyer’s suit-tail and “discuss” all aspects of the “feeling” you just felt. If you ignore it and don’t address it, remember the “floater” — except this is about you! Funny, for P.I.’s like me, the crap they come up with just increases the value of my stock…now if it would improve my health and sex life that would be a keeper.

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