Dennis and Victoria Hopper, till death do them part

April 6, 2010

Dennis and Victoria Hopper“Till death do us part.” Judge Amy Pellman made sure that it will be just that for Dennis Hopper and his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy Hopper. Dennis Hopper recently received his star on the Walk of Fame. Note: Unknown to most, but it is the star or someone close to them that pays for his wonderful honor. My point in mentioning it was in part that my observation was that Dennis looked just terrible.

Now he gets to pay his former wife $8,000 a month in spousal support and $4,000 in child support. And to add even more misery to this mans final days on the planet, Victoria gets to stay on the on the estate and live with their little girl. Well, that should make visitation easy!

Judge Pellman asked that the couple make life nice for the little girl so when Dennis passes on to that big reunion in the sky, the loss will not be so tough on their daughter. This is also called working together to try and make nice for the sake of their little girl. Comments like these are vintage Pellman, her thoughts and concerns are always, I repeat always in the best interest of the children.

Judge Pellman also hit the nail on the head when she said, It is never one-sided, and the judge’s comments on the fighting were also pointed, There needs to be street cleaning on both sides of the street. Under other circumstances this could also be brought into perspective as “it takes two to tango.” What is sad is that at one time they made a great-looking couple.

Dennis Hopper is represented by one of the best divorce lawyers in the country, Joe Mannis, Esq. Joe is a partner with Hersh, Mannis and Bogen located in Beverly Hills. Mr. Mannis made it very clear to Judge Pellman that Mr. Hopper was desperately ill. It does not get much more accurate than that…

Sorrell Trope, of Trope & Trope is the divorce attorney representing Victoria Duffy Hopper, another huge player in the world of divorce…Two very tough lawyers in what has developed into a life and death struggle of a man who is terminally ill and the former love of his life who are at war, aka “DIVORCE.”

We at wish Dennis and Victoria Hope that they can put aside the anger and reflect on the days when the two loved and cared for each other.

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