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April 28, 2010

Judges gavelWe at often receive negative and brutal comments on the judges and commissioners of the Los Angeles Superior Court. It goes with the territory, at least one party in family law cases is often going to feel they lost, and they take it out on the judge. But we are not going to print whining, venting, sore loser comments about judges (if you have a legitimate point, that may be something else). And in mentioning this let me just say, if I make a comment or I critique a Bench Officer that is fine. Why is it fine for me and not some? I am not going to insult them or go below a certain line. Also I am an expert in divorce matters and what should be done and all issues involving the process. These men and women, like it or not, represent a system that many have fought for and died for and I believe in the system. Divorce judges and commissioners get beat up pretty good, more often than their buddies on the criminal side, go figure. Surely my attitude and thoughts are not so appreciative when it comes to taxes and lower level government representatives constantly attacking my wallet! BUT Judges and Commissioners, you betcha!

Recently we received a downright nasty and venomous comment, it would appear that this mother had some serious issues with Judge Amy Pellman. She accused that the judge used her judicial immunity to abuse and traumatize, this was in reference to an Ethiopian mother. Another term that judges and commissioners hear all the time, as do we: well known child abuser, that of course being Dad. Question, for all the years you were married to the well-known child abuser did you ever make a police report….Mom? Or was it only after you decided you wanted to get rid of this useless sack of human waste you married that child abuser would be a wonderful term to tack on his useless ass? One of the more absurd comments was, why is she a women and child hater, this is funny on several fronts but the best is this, Judge Amy Pellman has been a childrens advocate for almost as long as she has been on the planet.

Say what you will, and I do understand that if you are not from the United States it may not be as apparent to you, but we have standards and laws that keep this country running. A lot better than what I have seen in Ethiopia, where I have spent some time. Judges such as Judge Pellman will always remain in place to protect all who stand before her in the miserable world of divorce. All I will say is Mom, you will always be the childs mother, and “useless” will always be the dad. And you my dear are responsible for that! Be supportive when your child is with you and speak well of his or her father. And be a strong and honest role model and that will far more beneficial than to attack a bench officer. And in closing whenever I hear the word, communities have signed. you need to let go of the “Village” mentality and stand on your own, and welcome to one of the greatest nations on the face of this earth, the United States of America!

Note: these are all my thoughts from a comment sent to The Honorable Judge Pellman was not contacted for any comment.

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