Catching up at “The Mosk” and the new LAPD HQ

John J. Nazarian
October 23, 2014

Ask anyone over 55 years old as to how fast time moves and they will tell you it seems to accelerate with every birthday. They come ( birthdays ) faster and faster, this is not a scientific position that I am taking here but just the way I feel. I was away from the Mosk for almost three weeks during the Anna Nicole Smith prelim..

We make the trip to “the Mosk” and no sooner do I look at my calendar than who do I walk into? Bob Cohen, Lawyer and his client…Bob always has that twinkle in his eye that still, even after all these years, makes me wonder what he is up to. He just left Judge Endmans court and was sent to the “mediator,” who was not in! How does that happen?

As always the mediation room is full and it seems there are not enough chairs or tables…in general it is either empty or full of lawyers and clients trying to make sense out of this nonsense, “go and make nice…” Well, Mr. Cohen had placed his files and his brief case on a table with two chairs, soon there is one chair. Upon entering the room who do I see but Elyse Margolin and one of her clients. Elyse is looking fabulous and her client too is well dressed and wins points with me immediately when she asks, “don’t you write for DesperateExes?” Well is this not nice to meet someone who reads what you write?! I mean she is highly educated, and very well-coiffed, and she reads us!

Well “twinkle toes” AKA Larry Bakman walks over and snatches the chair that Mr. Cohen was using. I told him that the chair was taken, and he goes into a story that he had the chair earlier and was thus entitled to the chair now when he returns back to the roomafter observing him, perhaps he needed it more than any of us. I was told this attorney has a little legal practice in criminal defense, and that he tells those who will listen that he handles “all” the criminal defense issues out of Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra LLPPeter, Stacey or Grace give me a call, I have some suggestions for you!


There were some people running around looking for the courtroom for the Justin Timberlake issue with some female stalker. Marty Singer (lawyer extraodinaire) was in the building I assume, as he represents Mr. Timberlake. I had to leave as I was going over to the new L.A.P.D. Headquarters for a tour of Threat Management Unit, my friends for many years, an incredible group of men and women with the sole purpose to help those in the public arena against those who would do harm to them. My offer to Martha DeFoe is still open: DeFoe and Nazarian………I can’t compete with “plan A.” All my best to Martha and her family and the offer stands!

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