Addicted to the juice

May 28, 2010

body builder and fat catAdmittedly, the drugs that I have received during my visits to hospitals for procedures are just fabulous, just nothing less than wonderful! From the moment they shoot it into my IV and and into the vein, I get the “feeling” all I can say is wonderful. It makes me understand how people can become addicted to that feeling. And it makes me wonder if body builders and lawyers cannot get hooked on a similar high? A high that comes from illegal shenanigans and unfair advantage.

Body builders are an interesting group when it comes to working out. Nothing better than becoming big and pumped by just good old fashion hard work, hitting the iron, rest and eating right, Spartan Style! And then, someone suggests steroids and the tough workout shows even bigger results, but often a little strange to look at, and at a steep price in other areas. The slow and easy method is cool and a guy can look great and natural and have a complete set of testicles. Unlike some of these monsters we see, one cannot help but notice that “the package” is small, I am just saying. Doctors say that “roids” can cause the testicles to shrink and have other adverse affects on the internal organs…but to many who become addicted to bigger and bigger muscles, it is worth the sacrifice…go figure.

Sitting with a good friend a few weeks ago at a Dodgers game, we discussed another interesting addiction, wiretapping, and what it has done to several people who practice law and their reputations. What it must have been like to be a big rich celebrity divorce lawyer and know that you used the services of Mr. Pellicano, yes we all know who you are and what you did! How does it make one feel to walk the halls of the courthouse and to know that judges and even your “pals” know you cheated? Or that miserable old rat bastard litigator who could do no wrong and seemed to always be winning. Sure they seemed to know everything, almost to the point of what you were thinking!

Funny, if you discussed it on the phone these SOBs with big fancy offices and state bar cards knew exactly what you were thinking and what you were going to do in court the next day or the next month. I actually spoke to several lawyers who knew something was “not right” and some who questioned themselves — were they even good at practicing law anymore?! How could they win against such freakish, superlawyer abilities? Now with the exception of Terry Christensen all of them got away with their illegal activity, but Terry got screwed. I would not have felt this way if all had gone down, but it did not happen that way, just Terry. Now for $400 per hour my clients want creativity and god knows I try. However, I don’t want to be indicted and for me to create legal problems for the lawyers who employ me is just not on the table! “Creativity” in my business is imagining the possibilities within the lines. That is what I built my reputation on.

Follow me here, the power of hospital drugs, steroids and wiretapping are all very addictive influences. One is legal, the other depends on how one uses it and why, and the last unquestionably illegal, but as I was told by the federal prosecutor Mr. Saunders, a wiretap is the gold standard of information. My point in bringing this back to light is how are these lawyers who seemed invincible and who could never lose in court or negotiations, how are they doing today now that their “juice” is no longer available? And for all of you lawyers out there who practice the “old fashion” way in high dollar cases, have you noticed that the playing field is more level? These big rich phonies are still very rich but they are also guilty as hell, but slipped through the hands of federal law enforcement. Certainly one lawyer who will not let go is still suing one of his former best friends for having put him on Pellicanos “git it done list”…two titans of divorce, two millionaire lawyers fighting over what one did to the other. Former buds, vacationing buddies, your canoe is my canoe, “pass me one of them big cigars”…pals!!

The other thing is this, what technology is being used today to try and get the upper hand? Oh it is here already, trust me. There are so many “geeks” out there developing better, harder-to-detect technology, just like the dirty docs of the sports world keep formulating harder-to-detect juice. People in this country have short memories and will give “technology” another shot…just wait! Anthony will be dead and buried as will the handful of attorneys who “made” him who he was, but someone else will come along offering “juice,” and the sweet sensation of overpowering, unfair advantage. And if and when the Secret Service or F.B.I. pays you a visit at your big fancy office, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “do you feel lucky?”…and remember Terry Christensen.

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