A Courtin’ We Go to Van Nuys

November 26, 2009

Van Nuys court “the Valley,” was my destination yesterday, and several of the big players were there: Doreen Olson, lawyer and partner of Meyer, Olson & Lowy; she had with her Erica Swensen, lawyer (Erica is tall, striking, always looks great and is a very attractive woman), Ros Soudry, lawyer and her associate, Monique. Monique is a lawyer in Ross office…and her daughter! How cool is that….another great looking young lady…..smart and gorgeous!
And there was my little buddy, small but mighty, Elyse Margolin, lawyer and she and Doreen Olson were giving their clients their money’s worth. The two of them would not let up and in the end it was “see ya” Van Nuys and “hello” Dept. 6, Stanley Mosk. Once again, watching lawyers like Elyse Margolin or Lisa Meyer, seldom am I disappointed to see these two “represent”… one word, RELENTLESS!

Commissioner Steph Padilla has finally landed in a real courtroom. That closet they had her in at Stanley Mosk was a killer, not even the seats were attached firmly to the floor in that “room.” I swear it had to be a janitor’s closet in years gone by. It was great to see Commissioner Padillas new courtroom, well lit, lots of comfortable chairs and she looked great! Listening to her and the time she takes to explain and allows people to express themselves….not always a joyous sound to the ears of a lawyer.

You know, someone I respect a great deal told me recently there are two types of judges, those who are eminently qualified and those who are eminently connected.” When you see bench officers of the calibre of those who sit in family court you realize quickly, those who are “qualified” for the most part are making the decisions. Steph Padilla is sitting in Dept. L in Van Nuys and we at DesperateExes.com are glad to visit her in more comfortable digs!

Judge Kenneth Black, ret.For all of you looking to hire a “private judge,” Ken Black is one of the best there is…one lawyer I spoke to told me that Judge Ken Black, ret. is hands down the best mediator in Los Angeles. If anyone can get two sides to settle it is Judge Ken Black. Give Judge Black a call: 818-395-4520 e-mail Blackn2@aol.com

Judge Louis Meisinger is also in Van Nuys, he also has a great courtroom and it looks to be one of the larger ones. He too is very patient with those who sit before him. You know, with the eyeglasses sitting on the edge of his nose and that perfect silver hair, he looks as if he was meant to be a judge! If you saw him walking down the street you would say, “he looks like a judge.” Now not all those who sit as bench officers look like judges….it is a look, Meisinger definitely has the look.

So lets see, Santa Monica, Downtown and now Van Nuys, OMG could Long Beach be far behind?

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