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Be Careful What You Wish for??? Divorce Hollywood Style


Tweet Last week I decided to drop in on Department 2, the home of Presiding Judge, Scott Gordon. His honor appeared to be in what could be described as a very patient state of his ‘Honorship’……I would like to remind

Dodgers – John J Nazarian is First to Say —–


Tweet Well, can I be the first one to say that the ‘poop has hit the fan’, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon from high up from his bench has blown the covers right off the deal between Frank

Back at the Stanley Mosk in L. A.

Stanley Mosk Courthouse

Tweet After taking a 6 week break from the land of nonsense, DIVORCE COURT, I made the trip back to the Stanley Mosk. Today it would appear that it was a slow news day, dozens of news trucks covering the

Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford Case POST Family Court Assignment

Witch feeding Hansel

Tweet Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]The misery and terror to some degree for a few still lives on in Department 2B, how do you ask is this possible? Judge Beaudet

2B or not 2B – Changes Coming to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L. A.

Judge Scott Gordon

Tweet I am going to put a fire extinguisher by the phone, phone lines were smoking and it is hot with ‘rumors’, and rumor control has crashed. The dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel a few weeks ago was interesting,

Fun Stuff – From Commissioner James Endman to Roslyn Soudry at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Fun

Tweet Commissioner James Endman is in his 25th year as a commissioner of the Superior Court, I first commented on Commissioner Endman 7 years ago. Through the years I have become very fond of him as a person (he is

Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki at the Stanley Mosk

Tweet Needing a break from the lunacy of following people and trying to find ‘missing’ people I find ‘peace’ at the Stanley Mosk. Today I decided to drop in on Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki, Dept. 63 Judge Iwasaki was appointed