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Another year of fun and games

Tweet Well, it has been another year of fun and games. Horse shit and misery was still the choice of many that found themselves in the throes of DIVORCE. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis likely gave what I think was the

Sugar Plums, Nit Wits and Divorce

Tweet I happen to be walking down the hall of the Stanley Mosk courthouse and I notice Alexandra Leichter, Esq, sitting on a bench in the hallway looking like she is counting ‘sugar plums’. She smiles and mentions that she

Girasol Restuarant & the ASSHOLE

Tweet Have you ever been thrown out of a restaurant in North Hollywood? It would be comparable to getting thrown out of a bar in South Central. Well I and one of my dearest friends were, and with the assistance

The Clown and The Enzo

Tweet One of my highlights of an otherwise miserable evening (Levitt & Quinn) was seeing the Honorable James Endman, one of the original “Three Amigos”. Commissioner Endman sat in department 84 for years. The comments about the Commissioner Endman over

A Comedy Club Called Stanley Mosk

Tweet For the last few weeks I have been in and out of one of the funniest places on the planet, The Stanley Mosk Court House. Funny you ask? How can a Superior Court be funny? Like the Comedy Club

Wanted: One Rather Stern Catholic Kindergarden Teacher

Tweet This is a very interesting issue caused and pursued by two families with way too much time and money. We have John Morland-Jones, an oil executive (plaintiff) and Gary Taerk, a psychiatrist (defendant). ‘And how do you feel about

John Nazarian for Commissioner Emma Castro for judge, Office 107

Tweet Once again and Nazarian and Associates is throwing our support for Commissioner Emma Castro. Commissioner Castro is in the run to be elected to the bench as a judge, office 107 and a better selection in our opinion