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Divorce Corp Review–John J Nazarian Named Best Character

Tweet Nature may abhor a vacuum, but it seems lawyers also abhor arenas of life untouched by their professional advice or air-quote helpfulness, which goes a long way to helping explain the $50 billion a year cottage industry in contentious

My Thoughts and a Review….

Tweet For me, ‘Divorce Corp’ has come and gone My good friend Kat Pellicano and I attended with two of my very close friends from the L.A.P.D. I wanted Ken and Lou to be there in the event that any

Pork Chop Again!

Tweet Everyone loves a good story besides me, I got an update that Judge Iwasaki did something intelligent, yes sirree! Yes, lets just call this ‘The Walter’ case and or Jose Lemus v Sonia Gaitan. Heez honor is giving mom

Nitwits and Lackeys—-Car 54 Where are you? UCLA Needs You!

Tweet Nitwits and Lackeys come to mind when you think for the most part of most college campus ‘cops’. Here at U.C.L.A. we have the reincarnation of “Toody & Muldoon”…..the evil and further incompetent version of two TV clown cops!

“……. But Wrong Under the Law “

Tweet I have been spending very little time at the Stanley as of late. All good. We have been so swamped and equally busy doing appearances for ‘E’ as well as ‘Pod Casts’. There is also the work, OMG we

Going To The Moon, Judge Marc D. Gross

Tweet As many of you know is the go to place for people from all over the world as well as news agencies and networks wanting to read what I have to say. My comments and thoughts on sitting

Be Careful What You Wish for??? Divorce Hollywood Style

Tweet Last week I decided to drop in on Department 2, the home of Presiding Judge, Scott Gordon. His honor appeared to be in what could be described as a very patient state of his ‘Honorship’……I would like to remind