Divorce is no holiday for anyone

December 9, 2009

Holiday DivorceThe holidays are approaching and the hatred and misery are alive and well in divorce court. As always I made my rounds and sat and listened to the former lovers and now the parents of children, who will argue over almost anything. “I get him back dirty,” well, you just picked up the 8 year old from school and was he or she playing on the playground? “He yells at me in front of the kids during the swap”…of course he does, he was a bully when you married him and now he is a pissed-off bully. And why you ask? He now has to pay you “his” money in the form of support for the child that you both had. And now you had the nerve to buy a newer car. Well guess what? You have a right to have a safe vehicle to transport the child, “our” child needs a safe car to be driven in, not “mine” not “his” but “our.” That support is going to go for all kinds of things that one side or the other does not agree with….guess what, TOO BAD!

I spent some time in Judge Amy Pellmans court. Judge Pellman is not only a judge, she peppers her judicial comments with a little education. Yes, teaching these nitwits who sit and whine day in and day out trying to ignore their responsibilities as parents that there irresponsible behavior it is not going to be allowed today — or for that matter any other day — in her court! Some of these nitwits don’t understand the power of a Superior Court Judge, they can put your happy ass in jail…or for that matter your unhappy ass in jail as well.

I do not think many people in our society have any idea whatsoever what the judges who sit on the bench in divorce court have to go through. First, and something I find very odd, is how underpaid these judges and commissioners are. In the case of Judge Pellman her focus even as a lawyer was helping people in need, and pay for that was always secondary to those lawyers who have such a calling (most lawyers, like plumbers, want to be paid and paid plenty. Public Interest lawyers do it to help our society and their work is critical to hundreds of thousands of people who could never get any help with both civil and criminal issues). This constant barrage on these bench officers has to take its toll. Just as when I was a police officer and sheriffs deputy the people I dealt with to some degree affected me in many ways. Oh for sure you say, “I leave my work at the office,” believe it or not my experiences as a prison guard, deputy sheriff, and police officer still affect me to this very day, ask my kids. Or ask those who try and screw with me, been there and done that! And don’t call me “Pal,” “buddy” or “sweetie,” all bad terms in my world! And one has to wonder when judges take off their robes at the end of the day and go home, what must be on their minds. One thing is for sure they are not doing it for the money. Certainly depending on where you live the salary is great and the prestige is off the chart. There are similar traits that both judges and cops have to deal with. And that is liars, they lie on the street and they lie in court while seated or standing, and very often they act in court just as they have always have, JERKS. Money, arrogance and stupidity sometimes go hand in hand. For me it is a great day when someone shows their true colors while in front of a judge and I have to believe that it is fun for the judges to observe the “real” mom or dad when they forget where they are and what is at stake…..and what just slipped out of their piehole.

I am saddened, Judge Donna Fields Goldstein is moving to civil court in Burbank. Judge Goldstein will always be someone we admire on DesperateExes.com and someone for whom I personally have a great deal of admiration and respect. And I guess I will be visiting Civil court once in awhile as it is very close to where I live! Judge Goldsteins departure from divorce court is going to be felt at “the Mosk,” and in saying that please reflect on my comments on the misery that divorce court must bring on the judges and commissioners. I am happy that civil court for this bench officer might be a well deserved break from the misery of divorce court. Judge Goldstein has a very strong background in corporate law and finance. Thanks Judge Goldstein for some great material for DesperateExes.com!

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