Tiger Woods + Rachel Uchitel = Gloria Allred??

November 29, 2009

Rachel Uchitel & Gloria Allred, fame hosHow does she do it? “She” being Gloria Allred. Party girl and self-proclaimed Tiger Woods paramour Rachel Uchitel has flown from New York to Los Angeles to “talk to Gloria.” And for all of us who observe this ultimate media whore, Gloria did “the grab.” You know, as long as the cameras are rolling, grab an arm, a hand, and hold on for dear life, that way you will be in every shot. For some reason these kind of people find Gloria or Gloria finds them. There is a media storm brewing where Miss Allred will have Uchitel in her clutches on any and all TV news shows…hurry Gloria, Oprah is on her way out!

I met Miss Allred at an Academy Awards function a few years ago. She is short and most often well-dressed. She looked at me and I said, “Hello Gloria” and she smiled with that toothy grin, and I told her how nice she looked. She on the other hand seemed to be staring at my mustache combo. She asked for me what my name was, I told her John Nazarian and that I was a private investigator, of course she did the “let me have your card” routine. I too smiled (as I seldom do) and told her, “Gloria, I am most often on the other side of many of your capers.” Well the little lady turned as quickly as I have seen a short person turn and walked away…that was my Gloria Allred memory.

Do I think that this was just Tiger backing out of the driveway and hitting a hydrant and a tree…NO! Do I think that his wife may have smacked him a whole lotta times, perhaps, and do I think that Tiger is attempting to keep his sponsors in the world of wonderment, YES…Tiger Woods has millions on the line as to his endorsements, and even Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren have a right to handle their affairs in private. The look on Tiger Woods’ face speaks volumes about what he is going through, leave him and his wife alone!

Private is exactly what Ms. Gloria Allred hates, “get me the media and get it fast,” to hell with the misery Mr. and Mrs. Woods may be going through. But other than more publicity, what does Allred get out of this? Does she get money from this swill that she generates? What is her payday in all of this? Often her clients don’t appear to be rolling in bucks and rarely brains, but plenty of opportunities for face time. Quite frankly would anyone of any real substance hire Allred or someone like Gagagosh? They both have very similar practices, but I am sure Gagagosh gets paid and paid very well, win or lose. But at some point we as people need to leave Tiger and his wife to try and figure this out and to rebuild a little of what may have been damaged…and for Rachel Uchitel, rethink what you and your media whore are about to try and do. In the end Tiger Woods and his family will be fine and you my dear, well you know what I am thinking, and Gloria Allred, LMAO what was on your mind?

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