Adam Lambert Kiss Kerfuffle…maybe we haven’t come that far

November 29, 2009

Adam Lambert and friendOne has to wonder what gives with the TV executives and their ability to reason? How could a swap of spit be OK between Ms. Madonna and Ms. Britney at the 2003 MTV music awards (it was a very nice visual, two great looking and talented women!)…and now, BANG!

I thought we were long past this, but November 2009, Adam Lambert gives a keyboard player an “in the moment” lip lock and all hell has broken loose? How could this be any different than the 2003 MTV “swap”… it a gay thing? is it an Adam thing? You can tell for sure that Mr. Lambert is looking to be a bit of a “bitch.” And is very full of himself and at this point it appears to me that he can get away with it, he is popular. Now that is my opinion, as I have a great deal of experience in dealing with “bitches,” both as in “ain’t that a bitch” and of course, Bitch what are you doing, and in either case you can do that with a “snap.”

Pretty in Pink PerezAt least it was two relatively attractive males and not a Perez Hilton type, poor thing couldnt get kissed when he was broke and unknown and god only knows how things are working for him now that he is reportedly a Millionaire (according website valuation speculators, who’ve been wrong before…just ask Rupert Murdoch how he feels about his MySpace purchase!). Having a Perez-like person on the tube kissing some poor male member of the species could have been a national issue with TVs exploding across America! How would the “mothers of America” have that? Hell I have seen Perez Hilton in tights, OMG talk about a visual! That brings me to another thought, why is it never/ever the pretty males who want to wear tights….

As for the TV execs, anyone who has ever had to deal with them realizes, first and foremost, who you deal with on November 1 at 11:00 A.M. will more likely not be there December 15th when you return to discuss what you talked about on November 1st…replaced by another “seat warmer” aka TV Exec. Executives are a dime for four dozen in Hollywood, and for whoever it was that saw the Adam kiss to be a problem, it was all timing…a few weeks either way it more likely would have gone the other way, No Big Deal.

Once again, if two males can’t kiss on television as a part of a show in 2009, what hope does the gay community have for the “marriage thang” being accepted? And my opinion on that is very simple: let them have the opportunity to marry and then DIVORCE! This is a classic case of be careful what you wish for! Making commitments, getting married and then the divorce, gay people have an absolute right to share the misery of the straight community and have a DIVORCE or two!

Straight Talk by John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 29, 2009
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