Chickie and her flock dine in style at Melisse

November 27, 2009

Chickie LeventhalJust as the seasons change and summer leaves and fall begins and as we prepare for the Thanksgiving Day holiday..Chickie’s Bail Bonds throws one hell of a “High Brow” Gala. She does this every year. Chickie Leventhal, Mitch and Karen throw this party every year with a different theme and it has to cost a king’s ransom. This was a big one as it was her 25th year in the bail business.

The dinner is held at one of the best restaurants in Southern California, Melisse, with chef Josiah Citrin at the stove…is that what these small fancy joints call the stove, a stove? Melisse is a two Michelin Star award-winning contemporary French joint. Well, no problems here people, because Chickie and company take the entire restaurant for an evening of the best food and drink; the bar is open and you can have it all and the wine flows all night, the good stuff. A different taste for every course…did I not say that Chickie is always first class?

So how do you get the invite? Well for us it is simple, only supports one bail agency and that is Chickies Bail. The reason for us is simple, we are a class act and so are Chickie and her agents, top shelf no matter where you find your ass in the gray bar hotel. Now most of the other guests are criminal defense lawyers, most are at the level of “mooch” but some do have a little class. I have attended this event for years and have never spoken to many of the criminal defense lawyers here as most not on their best day could afford our services. And while I am at it, many in this group would no more pony up the bucks to eat at Melisse if it were not for Chickies generosity. No, I am not picking on them but I “read” people, and when you tell them what you charge per hour I can see the “mens warehouse” suit that the counselor is wearing twist a little. And I could care less as to working with only certain lawyers, as my good friend, Robert M. Cohen, lawyer always tells me, “John, you cannot work for everyone.” Now the guys I do work with in the criminal defense community, such as Adam Braun, Barry Tarlow, Eric Safire, Jeff Sklan and Harland Braun, these guys are the very top shelf of Criminal Defense lawyers…..and once again they are the only group that we at will ever refer our clients to.

Well, back to the party, it is always a pleasure to deal with Chickie or Karen or Mitch when they call as it just does not get any better with these good people. And if ever you need a bail agent remember these people please, you deal with the boss and her family all the time… “yo” type people you see hustling on the street in front of these lock-ups…they are people of their word and will be there to help.

PS: Just do not leave any valuables in your car when you valet at Melisse. I had something stolen from my car (I looked at it as I was getting out and told the valet to be sure to lock the car, and when I came out I looked again and it was gone). For sure I threw a fit outside before leaving…the manager aka Matthew Greenberg aka Da Maitre D told me, they don’t work for us, then gave me his card and told me to call the next day….no Matthew I am not calling, I have a much better idea, you have THIEVES working as “valets,” as do many establishments who want to sell the responsibility of taking care of where you park when you visit a Two Star Michelin-rated eatery… Pink’s I park my own car and never in over 30 years have I lost a pencil!

Melisse Valet Parking Policy

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