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Meghann Bonvie, another Trope and Trope star

Tweet There are shining stars all over this city when it comes to world of divorce. One of these is Meghann Bonvie, Lawyer, trust me on this she is hard to miss. She will be the one with a great

Mishigas – is that a legal term?

Tweet Timing is everything in life, it really is, so today I get my driver Octavio and I tell him, “let’s go to court.” Hell, we have been so busy that I have let some of my thoughts get stale

Hearing Trouble

Tweet DIVORCE… is never easy, especially when you have nut jobs and incompetent minions playing interference with the client. We had this issue recently and I heard a funny comment the other day by a well-placed divorce lawyer: “EXCEPT FOR

Judge Harvey Silberman indictment

Tweet Beverly Hills attorney Jeffrey Sklan and I discussed Judge Harvey Silberman’s indictment the other night. Jeffrey, relaxing after a murder trial, had strong feelings about the accusations. We have known each other for years, and it was the only

Thoughts on Michael Jackson

Tweet Michael Jackson’s luck, if you will, ran out on June 26th. Surrounding yourself with people who can only say “yes” can be as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded. There is no glee in my

Nazarian on The Today Show: Jackson death investigation


Tortuga del Sol: a great hangout

Tweet This Fourth of July weekend I was out of town on an assignment that will take me a several more days to crack, but I have a hook in deep in my “target.”  And I think he is beginning