Meghann Bonvie, another Trope and Trope star

July 24, 2009

Meghann Bonvie, LawyerThere are shining stars all over this city when it comes to world of divorce. One of these is Meghann Bonvie, Lawyer, trust me on this she is hard to miss. She will be the one with a great smile and always looking the part of a successful attorney. Many up and coming young lawyers would be well advised to look closely at how Ms. Bonvie dresses and takes care of herself. And what always catches Johns eye? Looking good and sending out great vibes, Ms. Bonvie does this and more. Most often wearing a dark suit and just the right jewelry and her hair, always looking like blond silk. And a smile that lends one to believe everything will be O.K. Well after all she works for one of the legends of divorce, Sorrell Trope, Esquire.

Alright, you should realize by now that I like her, and you would be right. When someone upsets me that, too, can be a memorable reading event, try me! I met Ms. Bonvie a few years ago while handling a case at Trope and Trope. And since our initial meeting I have worked with her on other cases through the years. Working with her as a private investigator is a pleasure, she is on top of her cases and gives you all the information you will need. You’re not going to show up in a dark alley without a flashlight, she will make sure you have the flashlight as well extra batteries. Her attention to details is what makes her a great team player and she provides the same service to her clients.

Sorrell Trope is famous for picking the finest and he picked a winner with Ms. Bonvie, a little new to the world of divorce but a fast learner. Do not let her youthful appearance fool you, she knows the family law issues and will deliver! For sure she is still getting the technique down and is still in the learning process of divorce and what better place to learn than at Trope and Trope. Ms. Bonvie is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and West Virginia University College of Law. With credentials like that and being a fast study, she is one of up and coming players in the land of BIG DIVORCES.

Meghann Bonvie, Lawyer Trope and Trope 310-207-8228

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