Thoughts on Michael Jackson

July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson
Michael Jacksons luck, if you will, ran out on June 26th. Surrounding yourself with people who can only say yes” can be as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded. There is no glee in my thoughts on the issue involving Michael Jacksons death except to ask when will it stop? When will those with fame and wealth take advice from people who care and have a clearer perspective? Maybe never and we will continue to watch the rich and famous crash and burn as only they can. The list is very long who have died with those that they once loved and/or employed watching, go figure. When I think about that whole scene it is almost like watching a little mouse going for that peanut butter sitting on a mouse trap. The desire to have that peanut butter far outweighs the consequence of having their little furry necks snapped by a mechanical contraption. Sure it is true, the little mouse has no knowledge of the “device” that will terminate them. There is a similar position to be had in watching the rich and famous go for their version of the peanut butter, except they have the knowledge and chose to ignore the possibility of getting their necks snapped.

I made the comment on “Rose Speaks” that this was going to be a homicide case and I am sticking with that prediction. Oh for sure it won’t be a “homicide” like we watch on television as there are many possible areas of the California Penal Code that have other sections that relate to “the killing of another.” So much was made out of the Anna Nicole case and for what? The doctors involved in that case looked like angels of mercy compared to this nightmare that we witnessed in the death of Michael Jackson. One of those doctors assisted the coroner. But not the one with Michael, he went looking for a lawyer! This my friends is the Elvis Presley story on steroids! He had drugs in his possession, provided to him by “doctors,” that should never be in the hands of anyone except a qualified medical professional — a legit doctor — and in the presence of a team of medical professionals. My personal physician makes me jump through hoops and hop on one foot for a vicodan prescription. And I can make a 30 day supply last 4 months…go figure.

Not only did he leave his professional career in shambles, we are now finding out that his children may not be his, in the conventional sense, What? It is being reported that his sperm was not used so where did the eggs come from, you see, people this is just more of Hollywood “I have too much money” craziness.

I also agree with many of you , Michael Jackson was never convicted of “playing” with little boys under the influence of “Jesus Juice.” And OJ Simpson was never convicted of chopping the shit out of his former wife and the delivery boy either, yet he was tormented and followed by the label of being a murderer. And when the happy feelings and wonderful music falls silent, this too will always be on people’s minds.

My prediction is that after this love fest is over, and as the fans return to their homes, the “glove” will come off. This is going to be the pulling of the sheets on this case. As I told The Today Show this morning on NBC, former employees (along with everyone who has ever worked for one of the doctors and disliked his or her employer) will be getting on the Canary Train and they will sing. The pharmacies are not exempt either, and Mr. Jacksons former employees, for them it is the Money Train that they are waiting to get on.

My wish is that Michaels children will ignore all the terrible things that will be spoken about their dad in the months to come. These are great children and Michael Jackson wanted to be a dad and did not want to be married (smart!), they are loved by his family. For me it was obvious his love for his children was very real…he was a little weird with the masks, maybe it was his genius in keeping the media following him. I am not sure who donated the eggs or the sperm for Michaels children and it is not my business. And to me it makes little or no difference, being that I was adopted as an infant, who really cares how I got here. It is no ones business. For Michael Jacksons children they should feel the same, Michael was the only parent they knew and that is what they should cherish. The memories of having a dad that was very…let’s say unique. No family is perfect and when I became a parent I did not get a book on how to be one. And I made mistakes, and at times big ones. And for Michael Jacksons children, it is obvious that he is the only parent they ever knew.

For those who will try to make hay out of some of the technicalities involving these kids they should rethink that position and leave the kids alone. Divorce and custody is ugly at all levels, these kids have a support system in place with their grandparents and uncles and aunts. My advice is that any judge would leave these kids in a place that is secure and familiar to them.

As it is relevant to I will comment on those stories. As for who Michael Jackson was and any negative stories on his life, I will remain silent. As well as two personal stories involving Mr. Jackson and my agency, those too will remain private.

Footnote: As a former apprentice embalmer in Los Angeles, I got to see to some very famous people dead, and got to “shoot some juice” (a term that we used sometimes in the embalming process, to embalm a president or in the case of Michael Jackson). For this particular client, I found that it was Miguel Jesus Ruiz, Embalmers License number 8473 who has been licensed since April 8, 1998….how soon will it be for him to give his thoughts? I will say most likely never…..this group tends to be very private. Can you imagine the questions that he could answer?

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