Monthly Archives: October 2008

Pellicano Trial: More Victim (and not-so-victim) Letters

Tweet Anita Busch, one of the shortest letters and this is the woman that brought the Pelican crashing down to earth!  I was with Ms. Busch in the early days of this terrible crime drama…I saw first hand what it

Pellicano Trial: The Victims Speak, part 1

Tweet Well, the train is coming around the bend and judgment day is fast approaching…and the letters of “suggestions” for the wish list of the victims of the Pelican and others!  And yes, for sure there are those who wish

Endman Laughs…Pigs Soon to Fly

Tweet Well I really did see it, I was in Dept. 84 on October 15, 2008 and I saw Commissioner James Endman LAUGH! Yes, I swear it happened and it was none other than the legendary Sorrell Trope standing and

Happy Birthday!

Tweet All right already, yes is one year old and I am now closer to 60 than I like!  Oh sure, I hear it all the time, “John, you don’t look at all that old,” well I’m getting there! 

John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Judy Bogen

Tweet This week was not a total loss for me, the stocks are in the toilet and what else can go wrong, plenty…all I can tell you is that if you got good stocks it will turn around…in time. Well