Endman Laughs…Pigs Soon to Fly

October 18, 2008

Well I really did see it, I was in Dept. 84 on October 15, 2008 and I saw Commissioner James Endman LAUGH! Yes, I swear it happened and it was none other than the legendary Sorrell Trope standing and making a comment that caused the Commissioner to laugh! I had always seen Commissioner Endman with that “warm and enchanting” look on his face, like thousands of others who visit Dept. 84, aka “The Land of Get Me Outta Here”!

For this investigator it was a great day, Sorrell Trope addressing the court and Commissioner Endman laughing. He should do it more, he lights up when he laughs, I was suprised it did not blow every bulb in the courthouse! I am also convinced that when Sorrell addresses the court, he has a delivery that makes the other side — lets just say, uncomfortable. And he does not even have to raise his voice!

Alright, what is this crap that I have heard that Judge Donna Fields Goldstein is “friendlier” to women than men in her courtroom? I have sat in her courtroom soooo many times, and have even testified there, and she is very even-handed. So very even handed….hey! Maybe those of you who think that she is friendlier to one side or the other may want to look at your client, everyone knows that it is often the male component that gets this crap ball rolling in the first place! (How does she type so fast with those well-manicured nails…she can hit those keys and when she is done her nails look even better…)

This judge is one of the most compassionate women on the bench. Sure, she has those great facial expressions and if you pay attention and watch her you can tell with those very same facial expressions that she is getting ready to ruin your day! PLUS…she is a dog lover just like me! Enough said, any more comments about Judge Donna Fields Goldstein…send them to your mother…unless it is something nice!

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