Pellicano Trial: The Victims Speak, part 1

October 18, 2008

Pellicano Victim LettersWell, the train is coming around the bend and judgment day is fast approaching…and the letters of “suggestions” for the wish list of the victims of the Pelican and others! And yes, for sure there are those who wish that Terry Christensen, too, will be crucified along with the big feathered one and his cronies…aka the “The R.I.C.O. Boys.”

We are posting the letters that were written, very nice letters, well-written for the most part, and all very politely “hang the bastards” in tone. Click on the names for pdf’s of each letter.

Jane Doe #8 one that I felt terrible, really terrible during the trial to think that after what happened to her, there was a police sgt. helping her attacker get away with the crime…..she touches on the fact that this went on for so long with the knowledge of many, nothing short of terrorism. And she mentions Danny Davis and Ron Richards as the lawyers for John G. Jones…”antics” is used and it is a good word, this girl was a victim…and the DA could not even help her!

Gregory S. Dovel takes it home when he writes, many of the perpetrators were lawyers….then why is Mr. Christensen the only one sitting in the cross hairs? Damn it, many of us know the truth, and there sits just one!

Harlee Gasmer…Oh I remember her, very well dressed and was she blond? Oh she speaks of her speaking with Ms. Kerkorian several times a day…..Cha Ching! She writes, Mr. Christensen was seeking to exploit this personal and private information regarding an innocent child for his client’s financial gain. Hmmm, are the children in these divorce matters often used as meal tickets for fathers or mothers to try and get over on one or the other? This letter was a little long in the tooth.

Linda Doucett, very much to the point and again, a victim and in speaking to her many times, she is the type that is always reasonable. I feel that in the early stages had some so called “men” been real men they would have treated her fairly…..Naaaah, being a bully is more fun….I wish her and her son nothing but sunny days ahead.

Nancy Wolff Gossett was another one of Ms. Kerkorians handlers from ‘the firm of Kolodny and Anteau…..(was she that tough to deal with? I also know Ms. Kerkorian and she is smart, very smart and was that why she needed so many “handlers”? Ms. Gossetts words, not mine….) what was I going to say…Oh, Cha Ching! Ms. Gossett is funny, While Anthony Pellicano has always skated on the edge of propriety……….WHAT? That is a little like saying that the Titanic had a leak!

Heidi Greggs letter hit on the issues all right, she states, Anthony Pellicano and Bertram Fields and by these wrong doings. The letter hits on the $500,000 for his criminal services and the best is confidential records were run by rogue police officers……that is it, a rogue police sgt. and the other one who is stocking the bread shelves! Why was there no murder conspiracy between Sender and Pellicano on this one? drive him off the road…..did this not happen to that writer guy who was riding his bike and got hit and left to die? Or was that something else? In Heidis letter you can hear the pain and the disappointment…..I liked this lady too. The late Mr. Russo…..LMAO, if he had been found dead in the desert it would have been a very long list of people for the cops to talk to.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian….it was sad what happened to her, she had no idea where all of this was coming from. “This” being how was it that her lawyers could not catch a break and was it someone close to her? Could it be this person or that one? Oh, sure she was made to look greedy and aggressive, however, when you break it down, what she was asking for was more or less what she and the rich old guy spent anyway…….but for the masses it was not understandable. This is one old private eye that believes that her luck is going to be getting better and she won’t even have to go to Vegas! We wish her well…

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