Pellicano Trial: More Victim (and not-so-victim) Letters

October 19, 2008

The PelicanAnita Busch, one of the shortest letters and this is the woman that brought the Pelican crashing down to earth! I was with Ms. Busch in the early days of this terrible crime drama…I saw first hand what it did to her, no we are not best friends but I do recall offering to sleep in her doorway to help her feel safe. I also remember the battle she was facing in trying to save her cat and think what you will about Anita, she is a very kind soul….she wanted none of this. And when many of these idiots look back on what they did, was it worth it? I don’t think so. All I can say is that the only revenge will be a financial one and this is one victim that all the others should mention in their prayers. And she was right on many issues that we discussed in the early days of this (like the cops’ involvement…I was wrong, again!)

Monika Zsibrita and Chris Rock…there is some funny stuff here and I guess that she, too, was a victim, and all I can say here is sometimes the player gets played. I was never a Chris Rock fan and I will never be one, he too deserves whatever this ends up costing him…..again, there were other alternatives to what he did.

Lawrence Nagler came across as a decent guy who just wanted to practice law and make the best deal that he could. He was on top of this game and was doing just fine. He came across as someone you could trust…guys like Nagler will be fine. I would hire him and I think that his temperament came across as a nice guy who was caught off guard by much of this bullshit. Lawrence Nagler noted such an outrage abomination of the justice system and one of the best lines, is justice for sale to the highest bidder? I would say that may not change in the near future…money still will do the talking in many legal settings!

Ms. Karla Kerlin, Deputy District Attorney…HUH! Mr. Pellicanos behavior greatly frightened and threatened the victims. What? did she really write that? Why did she not go and have him arrested back then? I like Ms. Kerlin, but what was she thinking…again, the system had the Pelican and never did anything about him! This letter is very disappointing………

Anetta Herringshaw, CLA her letter is …well, you read it. Anetta is one of Mr. Kolodnys assistants….. in a career field that I chose many years ago because of the principals, morals and ideals it represented. What is girlfriend talking about…she works with one of the biggest divorce lawyers in the city! This sounds a little like one of my aunts who wanted to be a nun and marry Christ….could not find a hall big enough!

Robert S. Rein, Lawyer states in his “letter of hope,” To find that an attorney would stoop so low to obtain an advantage in litigation perpetuates the stereotype in the eyes of the public of an attorney who has no morals and would lie cheat if it would benefit him/her. I can see it now, hundreds of lawyers dragging the cross around Century City with their assistants beating them with branches of thorns…a little over the top, Hmmmm?

Deborah A. Simon, Lawyer, Ones private life is ones own, hence the term private……yes the Pelican did all that and more….and it is on the internet so what……most people will read this and that and will hire you still…as long as they spell your name right! As for the private stuff…not so much anymore! Enjoy the sun in Florida and don’t get too nuts over this stuff…Fischer is practicing playing “whack a mole” and she is going to pound Pellicano right into the sand up to his beady little eyes.

Erin Finns letter is a little funny to me…not sure why, but funny. What was her job again? And was there a financial side to all of this? As to Sweet Cakes Pfeifer crying……he is one of the poorest examples of a man that I can recall seeing standing on two feet…and the only thing I can say as to his giving Anthony all of that money is this, “a fool and his money are soon parted”…Oh I agree with Ms. Finn that Mr. Doodles should be in the housing unit with some of the more colorful types…I can close my eyes and see it all now, “Doodles” on his knees with “Sonny” holding his ears…LMAO. Tip: find the biggest, ugliest guy and pay him to keep “Sonny” away from your ears!

All right, here comes the best for last, Stephen A. Kolodny, Lawyer extraodinaire…. just ask him. Well Stephen’s letter is three pages long and while I was reading it I almost floated out of my chair three times…damn, revenge is sweet is it not? Yup good Ol’ Stephen gets the good stuff in too however, As you know, Mr. Christensen was not Mr. Pellicanos only client. I suffered similar conduct when the opposing side always seemed to know what I was doing in other cases I was handling with lawyers who were NOT INDICTED. wait it gets better, serves a clear and absolute warning to them of the peril they face if they ever engage in such conduct in the future…. Duh, like any of this group are not spending time in Temple and Churches across this town thanking their god that J. Edgar Hoover is dead, because had he been alive Mr. Christensen would not have been sitting in that courtroom alone.

For many of these people they were as much a victim as one can be. For some, wake up slowly as you might sink as you walk on the water and turn water into wine!

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