233rd Marine Corps Ball

November 5, 2008

John and Corporal Jackson Well the time has come and the event has passed, November 1, 2008 the 233rd Marine Corps Ball was a great success! This was the 3rd ANGLICO event and I have to tell you all something. If ever you have any question as to the calibre of the brave men and women who protect this great nation, just attend a function like this! A room full of very brave men and women and dozens of heros, I could not help notice the Purple Hearts, the Navy Crosses and medals and ribbons beyond belief.

My host Lt. Col. Mark Stainbrook introduced me to Corporal Jackson, pictured above. Corporal Jackson was a victim of a sniper, shot in the head with the bullet passing through his kevlar helmet, traveling along the skull and exiting to the rear. His story is why all of us should buy these people a drink or pay for a meal if and when you see them at the airport or out on the town in uniform (unlike when I served, you don’t see our military out in uniform unless at work or enroute to a new duty station or going home for the holidays). Bottom line he survived and at the ripe old age of 23 is an American War Hero, one of thousands, first and foremost he is and always will a United States Marine!

I cannot thank the following people enough for their generosity, Sorrell Trope of Trope and Trope, Robert M. Cohen, Law Offices of Robert M. Cohen, Roslyn Soudry, Law Offices of Roslyn Soudry, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Meyer, Olsen & Lowy LLP, Cary Stanchfield, Para Legal and Personal Assistant to Ms. Meyer, Cary W. Goldstein, Law Offices of Cary W. Goldstein, Jeffery Sklan, Law Offices of Jeffrey Sklan, and Joe Mannis, Hersh, Mannis & Bogen LLP.

Lt. Col. Hallinan, John, Lt. Col. Stainbrook Here is a picture of myself with the Lt. Colonel Greg Hallinan, Commanding Officer of 3rd ANGLICO and Lt. Col. Mark Stainbrook. Nazarian and Associates is looking towards another great year in its ongoing efforts to support our U.S.Marines and their families!

Thank you all again,


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