Wonder why your phone bill is going up? Read on (it ain’t for the service…)

August 15, 2008

Listening to Glaser take apart Lopez yesterday, it became crystal clear that the phone company could have found out where those taps went and chose not too. “They were too busy”…hmmm, or was it the liability…with Pellicano’s technology and happy tappy Ray Turner on the inside and the lack of security at the central office of the phone company, we should all be grateful that it is not us on the wire. And who cannot relate to shit service from the phone company! They invented it.

Doin the Pelican ShuffleWell, today is the 14th of August and it was warm, real warm. The conversation was about the $300,000 Bing gave Pellicano, or was it the measly $150,000 that Christensen gave him, and was that why Anthony did the now famous “Pelican Shuffle”: play it from both ends. baby. And remember he seldom left the office… We have all seen how it is done in the first trial of the feathered one and his now infamous gang, did it happen again? All that money and a nice room at the Bellagio. You have to hand it to this guy he could really manipulate his rich clients and play the game. Well, his good friend Judge Fischer will hand him xomething in a few weeks…he giggles and tries to cajole her and tries so hard to be cute and it is just short of wanting to make me and a few others who are watching want to PUKE!

The old phone lady who “threw the taps” away and was too busy to follow up after finding two — big deal you ask? Yes, for you and me and anyone with a brain bigger than a cashew! But not this old phone lady….she was more interested in chasing down a jelly donut and finding someplace to nest her big ass. How common are wiretaps that it would not have piqued her interest…should have left some powdered sugar on the cables, that would have worked. We were rather busy!…not if she could have seen a donut at the other end.

My old friend Anita Busch showed up and breezed right through the cross, as I am sure the defense did not want to get her wound up. Anita was quick to remind me that when all of this first happened it was me who talked to her three to four times a day and gave her advice. However, it was she who said the L.A.P.D. was involved and I said that I did not think so! I was wrong on several fronts on that case…I did however offer to sleep in her doorway if it would have made her feel better. She like so many others did not deserve this. I think my phone bill went up last month, probably to give to her and the other victims of “the phone tap guy.” She was looking fresh and strong…good job Anita, we at Desperateexes.com wish you and all the others all the best and feel free to call me to help spend that money when it arrives.

Well the government put up Lisa Kerkorians phone bills for all to see today…I already know she is not going to like hearing this. All present now know where her dad lives and how long she spoke and even the numbers of her friends from back then…I am sure none of it is of any use any longer…glad they did not involve her laundry. Ms. Kerkorian is going to play a major role in the Terry Christensen case and she could be called to testify. I am telling you all right now, she won’t take any crap from the defense and that will be one day I won’t want to miss. She is still stinging over the injustice that was served up to her and through what would appear ALL ILLEGAL MEANS. I know her and I like her….I think that there is someone telling
people in and around the courtroom that I have a relationship with Lisa and to be careful. Yes I do have a relationship with Lisa as well as with several others who were victims of Mr. Pellicano…and so what! My thoughts and take of the events are just that…my thoughts. I hold no grudge towards Pellicano or any lawyer that used his services. Some got away and the rest will go down in history (lawyers and P.I.s under Funny Business).

Harlee Gasmer is a former partner of the wind bag firm of Kolodny and whatever. Harlee is no longer in family law…she is saving her sanity with a family business. One thing was very evident in her testimony and that was how tough it was to control Lisa Kerkorian and how often Lisa just wanted to move on. No surprise here, Lisa K is a very smart women and she knew she was not getting what she was paying for and getting her ass kicked in court…but the money (over one million dollars in fees in under a year) that she was paying was great for someone (# 1 windbag)…she would move on and retain Lisa Helfend Meyer and the power house firm of Meyer, Olson & Lowy…not cheap either, but motivated and they dress well!

And all of Lisa’s discontentment was being reported by the Pelican to Mr. Christensen (the smart one was nice enough to keep it all on tape, aka “Anthonys hit parade”). 34 times he recorded this poor guy…you pay someone hundreds of thousands of dollars and you get Omerta stuffed in your ass! At least he could have had Connie Francis singing Italian love songs in the background. “I think I am the only Italian in the room”…not sure of that, but BIG DUMB SHIT? for sure! Another “Goombah” moment by AP…when the government wanted to beat “Omerta” over the defense teams head, Glaser and Bowers were having none of that, they tossed that Sicilian horseshit right back at them and it was put to rest. Ah rest, as most of us in the court room would all wish that the detention center could put 3 or 4 ambien in the Pelican’s fish in the morning, perch his little white shoes up, tuck his little green jacket under his little arms and then wait…Shhhhh, hes sleeping…let’s get on with the defense!

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