Terry Christensen: “Not Guilty”

August 16, 2008

Terry ChristensenNo, the trial isn’t over, the defense team doesn’t even start their side until Tuesday, but that’s my prediction.

This may catch some by surprise but here I go. For those who don’t know, I started my career as a criminal defense investigator in San Francisco many years ago. I was getting $30 an hour and thought that I had died and gone to heaven….then Los Angeles found me.

While I was a prison guard I also was assigned to investigations out of the Institutional Investigator’s Office and reported directly to the Deputy Associate and the Superintendent herself. One of my areas of expertise was watching inmates and predicting what was going to happen next. For me it was a game, and I could almost predict what foot would move next. Looking at eyes and other body movements were the key to what I was betting would happen next.

I have in the last week spent several hours each day watching the jury and their smiles and nervous laughter…the way they walk and divert their eyes from Pellicano as he makes it such a point to make eye contact with them as they walk in and out of the courtroom to the jury box. He did not do that much in his trial and I guess he is trying something new.

I know now why so many people I have spoken to don’t like Ms. Glaser. She is one of the best at what she does and is very confident, and why you ask? Because she can deliver, that’s why! That is also why she is a partner of a 100+ law firm and has been for over 20 years!

Terree Bower likewise is a very talented lawyer and he too knows how to “bend the willow.” And having watched them (Glaser and Bower) and the government, it is very different this time folks, very different. Oh, it is not over yet by any means. However, the defense took on the prosecution and kept them on the run. In my earlier report I was curious as to what kind of bullshit would be flying around the courtroom from these two and I saw nothing but great defense work, good lawyering and as Shapiro stated so clearly, Preparation. The defense is going to start this week and it is my prediction that when it’s all over, Terry Christensen is going to walk — he is going to be found not guilty! I have watched the jury and they are “getting it.” And what is “it?” It is the point that Glaser and Bower make each and every time they do their stuff.

This is potential bad news to many of the people who were legitimate victims of a great deal of illegal activity. And this was not all at the hands of Mr. Christensen. Say what you will he has a right to a trial and if he wins that is our system, and if he loses that, too, is our system. You will get some satisfaction at Pellicano and Co’s sentencing in September…you are not going to get any satisfaction in this trial if it was your hopes of seeing Mr. Christensen “nailed.” The evidence that is being presented is not strong enough to hold up against Glaser and Bowers attacks…reasonable doubt, that is all they have to plant. And they have planted acres of it! In fact I am surprised that Glaser and Bowers don’t show up in blue coveralls and a straw hat!

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