Power Defense Duo: Glaser and Bowers

August 14, 2008

Arrived a little late this morning to the Christensen trial in hopes of not seeing the Pelican do his “dig me” routine. He stated on one of the tapes yesterday that no one intimidates me…I am now a believer, based on the fact that he just cannot shut up.

The Christensen legal team is kicking ass and it is Patty Glaser taking the lead. Folks, this is one investigator that is very impressed, and as many of you know it is not easy to impress John J. Nazarian. She was again on top of her game today as she made Mr. Lopez, the “Asset Protection investigator” from AT&T/SBC/shit service phone company, wish he was anyplace else but sitting in that box staring at this woman (Glaser), and he now wishing she would evaporate. She did not — she only got stronger and she made Mr. Lopez look pretty silly as to his not following up on several critical areas that should have been of huge interest to him. Such as were did the tap go? This was not a concern to Mr. Lopez…go figure, he could have done a great deal to locate where these phone lines went that were tapped by you know who and his gang… but he did nada.

Terree Bowers, Esq.Terree Bowers and Glaser are doing an incredible job in trying to get Christensen off the “cross.” The only thing I feel that Christensen has done wrong is that he trusted someone with no honor and got double-crossed. Pellicano taped his calls with Mr. Christensen 34 times…why does anyone record his own guy 34 times? Terree Bowers is no sleeper here either folks, a former U.S. Attorney, one time Chief Deputy City Attorney for L.A. and now a partner with Howrey, LLC…talk about a class act! And thank god that his style is different than Pattys, otherwise the Feds would need ambulances parked out front to take some of these flakey participants (ie, witnesses) to a hospital. I have always said that if you want to be a witness and testify…well here you are…having fun yet?

No one can look at this story and not feel a little sorry for Terry Christensen. He practiced law for many years in this town and if you had the money he was a go to guy. I have been quoted many times that I don’t play nice and I don’t think you are supposed to when you are gathering information. And powerful law firms exists for powerful people who choose to pay the fees and expect results. Is Terry Christensen guilty? Maybe or maybe not…what is very sad is that this is a classic example of “selective enforcement.” There should have been at least 4 other people that I know of who somehow escaped from the grips of justice…one of these clowns (a defense lawyer) admitted a few years ago to going to Pellicanos office and listening to a wiretap and then left in a hurry…he is still getting fat and waddling scott-free around his tiny little office.

One thing is very obvious to me today, listening to Patty Glaser, Esquire take Mr. Lopez apart piece by yes or no piece: how incompetent he came across under her questioning, compared to how more or less credible he came across in the first trial. My NBF Bob Shapiro said to me it is all in the preparation.

Anthony Pellicano was very “giddy” today, he laughed and smiled like he had a bunch of misplaced feathers stuffed in his behind. What gives? Terry Christensen is fighting for his professional life as well as his freedom and the guy who caused all of this is acting like he is going to a dance, and right in front of Terry (if I was Terry I would pick up the heaviest thing I could find and smack this silly bird with it). Anthony needs to sit and shut up and let the Christensen defense team “tune up” the jury. Every time Bowers and Glaser make a powerful point and that has the jury “listing,” here comes the dope aka the Pelican wanting to show how smart he is and how much he knows about the phone company and the technical aspects that only someone who tapped phones for a living would know. I am the first that said the Pellicano was great at what he did….enough. This judge is going to hit Pellicano and his buddy Arneson so hard that when he wakes up, his tidy little prison outfit will be out of style.

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