Meanwhile, back at the Terry Christensen trial

August 12, 2008

Christensen, Pellicano & Shapiro, LLCBack at the Terry Christensen trial at the federal building and it feels almost homey: the woman who cooks in the cafeteria and will smile only once in awhile, the security detail outside the courtroom — a better bunch of guys you cannot find — and of course the great one herself, Judge Dale Fischer!

As I walked in, Anthony Pellicano was addressing the court and that brought back some bad memories. And he also did his version of cross — except for Anthony it should be called “mining” as he appears to dig himself into deeper shit than before he opened his pie hole — but there he was entertaining himself. And Robert Shapiro came in and he is looking old, not in a bad way but a good way. He sat and played with his Blackberry and then played with his watch and at one point took a little nap, but he was there giving the support to the boss (knitting could be next) Speaking of whom, Mr. Christensen was sitting there looking good and giving the appearance of being relaxed, but this has to be killing him slowly…to sit 6 feet away from the Pelican who threw all that stinking dead fish onto his desk with a team of FBI agents in tow. Yes he is sitting right behind the the guy who brought him to this point of despair…or as Anthony would be heard telling him on tape, I am just trying to be a good soldier…laugh my ass off, I never saw that in a John Wayne movie, taping the people you love and then it falls into the hands of the FBI! (I am sooo happy Anthony never loved me!) And Anthony is at his best, he tells Terry C that he, wants to prove my loyalty to you.” Good, don’t Fn tape me when we talk on the phone. It is this early part that they are both taking cheap shots at Lisa Kerkorian, making fun of the way she is trying to handle her affairs…not nice. I know Lisa and she is an interesting lady and you know based on what she was allowed to spend, asking for the 100 or 200 grand a month was not unreasonable. That is only a couple million a year…The Rich Old Guy, aka TROG, makes a million dollars while he sleeps each night. So was all of this worth it? No, it was not. Anyway, guess who is laughing now? Lisa K is, along with many other lawyers and others who went up against this firm of legal titans…”Oh how the mighty fall”…having a laugh riot, I am sure. Had he been real smart he would not have done to “his” lawyers and EVER had recorded their calls…can you imagine how Christensen must be feeling sitting there and listening to what he thought was his private calls with The Feathered One? This detective firm could have been called the Albatross Agency.

Anthony tells Christensen how he hopes that the old man will give me some business. Yes sirree Anthony, you will get lots of business from the old man, I am sure. Anthony tells Christensen that he wants to be treated nice at the Bellagio when he goes, and Terry promises him to take good care of him. Hey Terry, can you help me too….Hmm second thought I am going to stay someplace else! LOL Terry C. tells Pellicano that he has hopes and dreams too, If I get lucky he (Lisa K’s attorney Kolodny) will step in it too. Kolodny was her very $$$$$ attorney…she would at some point realize she had bought a pig and never got the poke…she would move on to Lisa Helfend Meyer, and things did get better.

One of the funny things about today, sitting there watching and listening, is that every lawyer in that courtroom knows that Pellicano was the king of wiretaps. And there they are trying to reinvent history and act as if it never happened. It is a little like that midget from Iran who tries to convince the world that what Hitler did to the Jews was all make believe. Hey Anthony was the best in his field at getting what was “needed” and several lawyers made damn good use of his talent. On another part of the tape Anthony — aka the “Good Soldier” — asks Terry C, Do you want me to destroy him? to which Terry C says yeah.” This is to a new assignment that he is being given, yeah destroy him! You have to wonder how must that sound to Mr. Christensen now…..who did his good soldier destroy?

I have saved the best for last, Christensen’s defense Patty Glaser is quite an opponent…I could see Ms. Glaser, Ms. Grace Jamra and Ms. Lisa H. Meyer as a partnership that would make most lawyers want to slit their wrists! Glaser is very impressive, but she does have a tough time not “snapping.” Like when she asks one of the witnesses this morning about a former employee of the phone company, “where did she go?” and when he was thinking, she did it: DID SHE EVAPORATE? As she began to morph, it is almost like watching someone with Tourette’s who is trying to control their outbursts and no matter how hard, the words escape in a flurry of cussing! It goes against Ms. Glaser’s style to try and leave a witness who is in her sights intact! She wants to gnaw on the 1st and 2nd vertebrae and watch them twist and flail in misery. However, I will say this, she is fearless and one of the most clever lawyers I have ever seen in court. Clever in a way that she is very much aware of every breath she takes and even the breath of her target. She is everything that I have heard about her and more… and she dresses very well, nice shoes. I could make a fortune if I could get the three that I listed above on a tour for up and coming lawyers on how to take control and even grow balls when you need them! They could show how it is done, and I could teach about never talking too much with a P.I. on a phone — any P.I. and any phone — and be rich like Shapiro!

Now saying what I have just said is just that, it should not be taken that I am trying to get any business from this firm if it should be around in a year or two…they would never hire Nazarian and Associates anyway….we are all from a police background and our mentality could never work with any law firm that was in Pellicano’s bill. But even in saying that…no one gets the garbage as good as I do. Terry and Anthony talk about the good stuff that garbage can bring…I damn near invented that in this town!

There was so much more today, but I have to go and check my eyelids for holes…I am beginning to feel the way Shapiro looks! Hey in his day he was the man, and he does dress nice!

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