Welcome Knowles Collum LLP to the divorce party

April 8, 2010

Steven Knowles and Michael CollumSteven Knowles and his partner Michael Collum have launched a new law firm, and to make that point there was an absolutely incredible party at their home last night. The event was the official opening of their new law offices in Beverly Hills. We predict that in time this firm is going to be a major player in the world of divorce, how can they lose?

It is never easy to start from scratch, but if you can and survive the rewards will be yours. Legal talent such as these two is not easy to find, divorce is the game and Steven and Michael are players.

Steven Knowles has always been one of DesperateExes.com’s favorites…Steven has also represented me at times in the past…one great lawyer. I had never been to the home (well at least inside) of Steven and was very impressed…well done and if you know Steve his house reflects his and Michael’s personalities, very cool. After you speak to Steven tell me that you are not comfortable with him and his style. Steven has worked on some of the biggest divorce cases in Southern California.

There were few people who I knew or recognized at the function, but I could tell a few recognized me, it was that “glance” that sealed it for me. There was a nicely dressed African American gentleman there with one of those permanent smiles and a handful of business cards in his hand. He walked up to me and with the permanent smile asked, “are you a family law lawyer?” I showed a few teeth and said no. I had to ask who he was and what he was doing and he told me that he does “monitoring”…bigger smile! AND security, I asked did he have a license for security and with the smile still present he realized he had “stepped in it”…the answer was no. With smile intact he continued to work the room…interesting!

The event was catered and that too was nicely put together, there was quite a crowd and the food was very good. I had never met Michael Collum before and I was impressed. Their office is going to be a true “boutique” firm, small and very personalized, and how about this, they have their cell phone numbers on their business card and the the best part…they answer it! Not being a legal behemoth is not a bad thing, in fact it is a good thing, they can handle small issues as well as large issues very competently. Their approach is “hands on,” and we are talking real “hands on.” This is the type of firm that we have discussed many times on DesperateExes.com as being one to look for when seeking a divorce lawyer. There will always be rough spots in any new venture, but legal knowledge and talent will never be an issue at Knowles and Collum, for all the other issues, time will tell.

My friend Ira was at the party and kept asking me did I know where the silverware was kept…I thought that was a little strange. Ira who is always very well dressed was funny and entertaining as always. But the silverware question kinda threw me, and his curiosity as to the crystal was also a little odd, go figure?

Steven Knowles is a Harvard graduate and Michael Collum a graduate of USC, not bad credentials. Unlike my Masters Degree in “hard knocks and street smarts.” A nice strong formal education, or having street smarts…looking back in time I am not sure which I would want in my later years.

Building a practice is never easy, but with educations such as these and the years of dealing in divorce I have to believe that Steven has seen and done it all. The firm has strong support staff and is housed in a very easy to get to Beverly Hills location

Knowles Collum LLP
9100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 250W
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Office: 310-461-0600 Cell: 310-889-8443

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