Trabolsi & Levy, a port in the divorce storm

January 28, 2010

How many of you have heard of Trabolsi & Levy? They are Southern California lawyers with a talent? The “talent,” you ask, is what? Avi and Ilene will represent you and at the same time both of these lawyers are very much aware of your feelings as to what you will be going through — and the costs involved — in one of the worst experiences you are going to have: dumping the “X.”

Avi LevyAvi Levy, Lawyer, is a U.C.L.A. School of Law graduate and has been practicing for more than 7 years. Avi is also a family law specialist, no small task — that test, to be a specialist, is an important certification. Why? It shows that someone had the desire to fine tune his or her skills to another level and studied and worked very hard to take another test. The bar is one of the ultimate tests, why would you want to do more? He is young in years but very experienced in the world of DIVORCE. Now here comes a surprise, with a name like Avi…he is also fluent in Hebrew. And who knows, he could be the perfect tour guy to accompany you to Israel, but watch the hotels.

Ilene TrabolsiThe other half of the show is Ilene Evans Trabolsi, Lawyer, 27 years in the world of DIVORCE and DIVORCING. She looks pretty good for spending 27 years plus dealing with other people’s misery and issues. Ilene is also a certified specialist in dealing with divorce in this state. Once again, that extra effort to keep herself on top of her profession. When I tell you that you are hiring a team, please believe me, you will be in very competent hands, handled as you should be and not as a source of funds to pay the rent. My point here is that they are established and smart, not fancy, competent and very nice offices, you may have to park your own car!

Trabolsi & Levy will always be a safe port in the very stormy world of divorce and tops for a recommendation.

Trabolsi & Levy, 2530 WIlshire Boulevard, Suite 200, Santa Monica, California 90403
Call them at: 1-888-871-6245 or 310-584-7714 and be sure to tell them that you read this story on

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