Mulberry Street Pizza – My LA Fave

January 12, 2010

Mulberry Street PizzaPizza Pizza Pizza, is there a perfect pizza? Well I have to admit, in California it is hit and miss. That miserable joint on Lankershim that I critiqued several months ago, Angelinas aka YUK, has closed. It is going to become a Thai restaurant, file that one under who cares. When I was back in New York a few years ago filming my Son of Sam show for DISCOVERY we had some good New York pizza…but what do I do when I am in Los Angeles? Mulberry Street!

Mulberry Street Pizza at 347 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, California 310-247-8100 (also on S. Beverly and in Encino) is my hands down favorite place. The place was opened by Cathy Moriarty and her partner Richard “Rich” Palmer (he was once married to Raquel Welch). Cathy is no shrinking violet, she was nominated for her role as Jake LaMottas wife in “Raging Bull.”

Making a Mulberry Street PizzaNow that I got that all taken care of, it is my favorite place for a pizza. It is done right: thin crust, good sauce and reasonable cheese, end of story. A good pizza is not a ton of cheese and no sauce. Rich and his crew have it down at Mulberry Street. Never have I had a bad meal at this place, not once. Some lousy service by inattentive servers and some of these guys are so rude I want to choke the bastards, but the specials and the pizza are always good. We also love the lunch specials, a good meatball sandwich, salad and a cold drink, always perfect. Dealing with the bad service and rudeness is easy for me, I wrote the book on “bad behavior.” Rich is always ready with a glint in his eye and a smirk, and like any good restaurant owner is always close by.

The specials can also be a pasta dish, salad and cold drink, it is all excellent and easy. I have been eating at this place for more than 12 years and I have always been happy…now for all of you who know me that is saying something, “John is happy”…hold your hat, Jesus must be coming.

You can sit outside or inside at the counter or tables, and however I am dressed is fine, this is the perfect place. Parking is easy in Beverly Hills and the place is easy to find. For sure it is not cheap (the rent and overhead has to be a killer), but is good, tasty, and always right. To all my readers, I make you this promise, when in Beverly Hills go eat at Mulberry Street Pizza and you will want to thank me…you won’t leave unhappy, but don’t be too full of yourselves either. Yes it is Beverly Hills, the land of phonies and flakes so don’t act like a jerk either, it is a pizzeria, eat, enjoy and leave a nice tip for the guys working behind the counter. And if you think your server is inattentive or rude, tip the guy who made the pizza! Ahhh revenge. I love this place if you cannot tell by now.

PS: Rich is the guy roaming around looking like he has not a care in the world, Cathy I have never seen her in the place…who cares they make great food!

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