Danger ahead in Garbageville

January 29, 2010

Flying anyplace today is tough, go to the airport and get jerked around by some TSA employees who just could never cut it as real cops and now you get to deal with them as they go about protecting the flying public, not fun. So sometimes the boys ,the dogs and I head for the highway, yes sir, the wide open roads. We love a road trip. Last week we drove through Utah, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona and we love to visit some of the small towns and look for local color. Food or just stuff, interesting finds and who knows, we are often surprised.

Sicilitosjust keep drivin
On the return trip to California, I wanted to show the boys where I attended the police academy in Eureka, California almost 30 years ago. We all got a little hungry and decided to get off in Garberville, Humboldt County, California. This will now be known as “Garbageville” as we found without a doubt, what I would have to say was one of the worst eating holes I have ever been in. Sicilitos Pizzeria, Mexican and Seafood — that should have been a clue. My two sons decided to stop at this place and it was one of the biggest eating mistakes the three of us ever made.

Upon entering we got hit in the snot locker with the very strong odor of none other than the biggest crop in Humboldt County, marijuana. And all these people, young folks, hanging around, white trash is pretty much all you can see in most of these towns. The old guys have those big bushy white and gray unkempt beards and the young ones have the baggy jeans, hooded sweat shirts and the stupid ball caps cocked to one side….they look available for sex or sales or both. And a “Mexican” food place without Mexicans eating or cooking there should have been a warning signal.

Chris orders a burrito plate and when it arrives, does not look too bad and if we were to judge it, maybe on a scale from one to ten, a 4.5. Mikee orders a sausage and pepper sandwich that was a joke, $8.75 for a very small sandwich that had ground sausage like you find on a cheap pizza and half-cooked peppers…it was the worst! I order a New York steak, medium well and when it comes it is bleeding profusely on my plate…..the yak that we had as a server has to bring it back to the inbred cook in the kitchen with hopes that it will get done right…scary! PLEASE DO NOT EVER EAT HERE EVEN IF YOU ARE STRANDED IN GARBAGEVILLE.

Sicilitos looks and smells like a front for something a bit more lucrative than miserable food and even more miserable service…I paid with a credit card, the charge back will be my revenge!

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