There is not going to be any truth…

September 10, 2010

Stern Kapoor Eroshevich
The only consistent thing about the Nanny Q and Nanny N is the inconsistencies. The biggest question I have is who thought bringing the “Ninneys” from the Bahamas? Along those same lines did anyone from the DAs office go and speak to these two people? Now we have nine people, eating three meals plus a day, nine accommodations, and because they are flight risks (my thoughts) there is security assigned to them 24 hours a day! To assure that they don’t get lost on the way to the airport…do they have escorts also? Cha-ching!!! Once again, Judge Perry had it with these Bahamian shenanigans, “yes” “no” “maybe.” He is not putting up with any of it, and when you hear these people speak you feel that there is truth but there is a great deal of “story telling”…nannies love telling stories, do they not? To the little ones so as to fall asleep…it worked, as I almost fell off my bench!

From my personal knowledge and not from any of the stooges, Nanny Q was close factually on some of the issues but again, Judge Perry is not going to allow any “sliders” or “spit balls” in his courtroom. It almost seems to me that the prosecutor knows that what she is asking is “wavy gravy,” but what the hell, ask it! And if one of the three barristers doesn’t catch it or the guy in the black robes misses it, Madam Prosecutor wins. This game is going to be played clean and above board, and this was some great luck for the the stooges and the biggest lucky charm was of course the incredible presence of Steve Sadow, Esq. “The Gentleman from Georgia”…and Judge Perry.

The idea that has to gall the defendants is the costs involved in charging them with what was charged. And what about the costs involved for the defendants, for sure if Kapoor is found not guilty it will assure him to keep his license. Perhaps someone from the medical board will shake a finger at him, but his practice? The type of medicine he practices I am not sure if his patients care what his background is. Eroshevich, she is old and will at least have her licenses intact and will be able to work and support herself and why not? Howard, who knows, as I said in the past he is very bright on some issues, others, hmm no so much. Did anyone intentionally kill anyone, I don’t think so. Did Dr. Bubbles and Dr. Fabulous try and do the right thing, I think so, and did Howard love Anna not a question in my mind.

And in knowing the facts, could there have been better charges and other states or countries to file and charge the stooges other than California? For a law enforcement authority to charge a group or individual, they must have strong evidence that will stand on its own, some fine-tuning is always needed. Fine-tuning is one thing, but what I have seen so far in the witnesses and experts, fine-tuning, sure like trying to play a piano that fell 10 floors to crash on the street below. As I have said before, there is a great story here and some huge errors in judgment on the parts of the stooges and their minions. There will always be those who will “really” want to know what happened in the final hours of Daniel and Anna. And the biggest wild card of all, with this being Los Angeles, is the jury pool, remember, these people of the jury are the stooges’ “peers”…LMAO we will see.

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