Nazarian and Associates welcomes former USSS Agent James Ventola aboard

September 14, 2010

Through all my years in the investigative and security field I have extended my hand only a few times in helping an individual hit the road running in the private field. Mike Spencer, former investigative reporter, was one and of course I taught Bobby Jakucs Col. USMC ret. everything he knows about “making a buck” in this racket! Both of these brilliant minds remain people that I depend on when I am in the need for good solid advice.

James VentolaNow here comes someone that I have the utmost respect for and from the very beginning when he and I met we hit it off. Centurion Security Consulting is operated and controlled by my friend, James Ventola. Mr. Ventola recently left the United States Secret Service and is based on the East coast. James will be assisting Nazarian and Associates in the course of our work on the West Coast and throughout Europe. Nazarian and Associates will be assisting Mr. Ventola as well on the East Coast, as we have always had a presence on the Eastern Seaboard…it was home for many years.

Mr. Ventola spent seven years with the United States Secret Service and his list of achievements are too long to list. And he still has a level of confidentiality that will remain just that, confidential. James was assigned to the White House as well as being assigned to a field office as a Special Agent, investigating crimes all over the United States. To become a member of such an elite group is one big achievement, there are only 2300 agents for the entire world. Let me put it to you this way, have you ever met or even spoken to a member of The United States Secret Service? Mr. Ventola is graduate of the University of Rhode Island and holds a degree in Sociology that will come in handy in dealing with me…only thing more helpful would be a doctorate in psychology. James and I share a love for good Italian food and are still on hold on the pizza angle, East v West.

John Nazarian boards jetNazarian and Associates has always looked for very special people with very special talents to provide the best of the very best for our clients. Mr. Ventola brings exactly that kind of knowledge and technical ability that we are proud to be associated with. For sure Nazarian and Associates and myself have a very public persona and we love that part of my image. However, 99.9 percent of what we do is never ever revealed for the hundreds and hundreds of clients we deal with for whom privacy is important, and that is a fact. Having Mr. Ventola and his new firm on board will bring Nazarian and Associates up to an even higher level of knowledge in dealing with Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Security and Safety Audits and Contingency Planning. These are all areas that Mr. Ventola has expertise and can examine and give clear and concise advice and direction. With his education and training in these areas there is no one around who can come close to Mr. Ventola, except for perhaps his father…a story for another time.

So in closing, John J. Nazarian and Nazarian and Associates take a great deal of pleasure in welcoming Mr. James Ventola and Centurion Security Consulting to our team of experts in providing investigations and security throughout the United States and the World.

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