Do Not Lie to the Court!

September 16, 2010

PinochioIt’s amazing how many people think they can get away with lying in court…it is seldom worth it and today I got a load of great stuff.

First Stop, all aboard, Dept. 65, Judge Amy Pellman. Now when you walk into some of these courtrooms and look at the judge and you are feeling lucky and just have to lie, go ahead. If after looking at Judge Pellman and you still have that feeling? You have made a bad call. Sitting in front of Judge Pellman was a young lady who thought it smart to sit next to the judge and lie, and lie some more and continue in that vein for way too long. Judge Pellman reminded the respondent and her lawyer all the times the young lady had lied and did the now famous “if my memory serves me right” routine. People hear me please, Pellman has a memory that borders on scary in that she remembers what is said and what she reads. Her lawyer was doing the best he could to dance around the issue that his client was and is a liar by calling the lies discrepancies…this got a chuckle from the audience. Bottom line, DONT LIE TO JUDGE PELLMAN!

From there I stumbled into the courtroom of the Honorable Elizabeth Feffer, Dept. 87. Judge Feffer was appointed in 2008 by the “Terminator.” She is articulate and can have a sting to her rulings. I also get the strong impression that she does not care if you are happy or sad when exiting her court. And I guess that is the way it is supposed to be…”Here come da Judge.” Well walking into her courtroom who do I see with the glasses on the nose but Patrick DeCarolis of Trope and DeCarolis. (I have been accused, by the way, of accepting money from this firm due to the number of times Michael and Patrick have made it into……never happened.) Well Patrick DeCarolis is driving the respondent crazy as the respondent is attempting to warm up the band for that very famous “Persian two step”…DeCarolis is being as annoying as Gary Fishbein (another great family law lawyer here in Los Angeles). Well Judge Feffer realizes that the respondent has not obeyed ANY of her orders. His lawyer is full into the “we will do better” next time and “I will watch him”…your honor! Patrick commences to tear apart those comments, and Judge Feffer severely delivers a great smack down to the respondent, and the music died! No Persian two step. It was refreshing and wonderful to see a judge drop the hammer on someone who just will not follow the orders of a family law judge. I see it all the time, judges order these people to do things and they ignore it and keep getting another chance…not this time. wishes to congratulate Judge Feffer on this one…DO AS JUDGE FEFFER ORDERS YOU TO DO!

Another light-hearted moment was when I walked into Dept. 88 Judge Scott Gordons courtroom, only to hear a lawyer tell Judge Gordon, “you have heard this before, you can do whatever you want.” Judge Gordon looked at the gentlemen with a BAR card and smiled…a few minutes later this same lawyer told the court that the corporation had no value, and then with a slip of the tongue stated that loans had been taken against the corporation…Judge Gordon, with the same smile, asked “how was that possible?” This lawyer looked as if he had a swallowed goose, feathers and all. Judge Gordon just waited patiently for a response…JUDGE GORDON HAS AN INCREDIBLE MEMORY…keep it real when presenting the facts…he will catch you!

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