The best laid plans of mice and men and stooges…

September 16, 2010

Bahamas plan Walking into Judge Perrys court yesterday, I saw Stephen Sadow questioning Nadine Alexie and doing “the Sadow,” that being asking a question and then glancing at the jury. Nadine was doing pretty good in her responding to his line of questioning, to a point I was surprised, she came across very likable and at times pleasant. Oh I hear it, “she’s a liar,” “she was paid off,” “it is all for an apartment,” my only thought is this, is she a liar? Is she the only one in that room that could be classified a “liar”…I think not!

One lawyer was heard in discussion that was all that aggressive attacking of the “Nanny” maybe working against the defense in regards to the jury? At some point it did appear that the jury was done with this part of the trial and wanted to move on…enough with the “Ninnies!” Ninnies away!

Sadow was focused on the “going into hiding” that Nadine described after being contacted by the media via phone and at her door. On her way to becoming famous. There was mention that Larry King may have called, that would do it for me, “Larry King is on the phone,” go hide. Nadines response to that line of questioning seemed real to me, however odd all the “hiding” and game playing and calling it “fear”…hiding from what? And she took her sister, nanny Q, with her, all hiding! Hell, there are people I know that keep in constant contact with “media” to assure that they are around for special times!

Nadine spoke of being let go by Mr. Stern due to HKSs concerns about “leaks,” what leaks it was not clear. However, by this time, it would appear there were many. Funny thing about having “total control” is that it seldom works. It was that “total control” and manipulation that got everyone in this mess.

Look at what I call the Bahamian Master Plan, and how that plan collapsed when Anna Nicole Smith died. At some time that plan will be thought out clearly…don’t get carried away, it was not a plan of mass destruction. It was a plan for a life that would be lived in the Bahamas with their daughter, the good life, away from the annoyances of the states, California in particular! Is there anything wrong with having a plan to rid yourselves of an “annoyance”? Not at all. Keep in mind the way things would have gone had Anna not died.

Nadine volunteered that she had retained the services of Mr. Bain to be her PR person when she thought that it was all sunny days and telling her story and making loads of money. That was of course till she met “The Gentleman from Georgia.” Now under cross she has told the court that she has not spoken to Mr. Bain for months. I am sure that percentage that was having to be paid was painful for someone. There was some discussion as to the money that was promised by the Los Angeles District Attorneys office and it was somewhere in the arena of $2000 to $2500, worked out by her husband, Amol.

One of Nadine’s recollections was the feeding of the baby, the issue was not too much formula, 2.5 v 3.0. The reason that was stated in court was that Anna wanted her baby “to be sexy.” You could see the look of disgust on some of the jurors…it was an uncomfortable feeling and even more uncomfortable thought.

Judge Perry was not happy with the idea that Prosecutor Rene Rose wanted to discuss further an affidavit that the witness never read,” and as he would through much of the morning, denied the request.

Prosecutor Rene Rose wanted to present evidence that was already given to the defense, but with a small change that members of the defense objected to. Judge Perrys response, grossly unfair.” Prosecutor Rose once again tried to present the material in a little different way, Judge Perry, Gross Surprise.” One of the lawyers on the defense stated that some of the pictures were pornographic.” Judge Perry responds, Seems late to me Ms. Rose.”

Prosecutor Rose continues and Judge Perry responds from the bench, I find it a surprise.” On another issue Judge Perry states, I don’t know and I don’t care,” this was when one of the defense lawyers tried to “help” in reference to the photos. I cannot remember ever seeing a judge as annoyed with a prosecutor as Judge Perry appears to be with Prosecutor Rene Rose. Most of the time during the day Judge Perry had the appearance of someone in pain, and the fist to his cheek did nothing to change my belief that this bench officer is pissed.

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