Anna Nicole Nanny Circus comes to court

September 8, 2010

Anna and DannielynnJust when you think that this trial cannot get any worse what happens? Quethlie Alexie shows up, and for what? The best part of this new mess that prosecutor Renee Rose finds herself in is, Quethlie Alexie and her sidekick Nadine Alexie, her sister in law!!! What, Nazarian Rule 21, subsection 4a, never hire people who are related to each other to work in or around your house…when things go bad, they will lie, cheat and steal you blind. It is good to have a “harmonious” work place, but with huge caution and constant monitoring. And no one is related as it will be fun to watch one snitch the other off, keeps people relatively honest (also the other issue is that you can seldom trust the client, that is why you have contracts and confidentiality agreements signed). Anyway, Quethlie Alexie and Nadine Alexie showed up with some real baggage, 7 pieces to be exact…this is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. This state and county is in financial trouble and what does some financial genius do? These two “nitwitnesses” have shown up with their entire families in tow, all together nine. Yes, the District Attorney it would appear had to pay for all 9, if this is not a caper that has been pulled, someone, anyone, show me a better one. Alexie #1 and Alexie #2 got to bring 6 children from ages of 2 to late teens and one of their husbands along for this junket into the world of ridiculousness. How does that happen, Judge Perry also expressed his judicial concern, of course while the jury was away, about what was going to be mined from this pair of bookends.

Big interest right? This case is about as interesting as watching paint dry. There was 8 people in the audience and half were media, coffee should be allowed during these procedures as it is slow and daunting. Team Howard has to be ready for the big win, he is in the clear and everyone knows it. It is the “why” am I here question all over again…At this point a couple of other spectators that I have lots of respect for are saying the same thing. When will it be over……

Alright, you say what next? Here it comes, Quethlie Alexis speaks and understands English as well as many, good you say, America and English is our language and is spoken in courts. Not so fast, these nitwitnesses asked for and got a Creole – Haitian
translator to “translate”…she understands all of the questions but still the “Translator” had to say it again in Creole. I was waiting for a laugh line at some point, it never came and there was a great deal of funny. It got so strange that she would answer in English and be told to wait for her translator. To make matters even worse was that the Creole-Haitian translator was 45 minutes late, as she parked her car in Chinatown and walked to the courthouse…this is no small feat. That is a real hike. Can’t get worse you ask, sure can, Creole – Haitian translator could only stay till noon…but will be back in the morning at 8:30 sharp. After Lunch we will have Nadine Alexie on the stand with no translator…Hellosey, can you say circus from the Bahamas all on the tax payers of Los Angeless dime? They have flown nine people out here when all they needed was two? Oh before I forget, Judge Perry shared that this Creole – Haitian translator is the only one in the system in Los Angeles County (note: in the translator’s bag was a book on real estate, hmmm could a career change be coming?)

Talk about extraordinary situations, the District Attorney along with ICE had to assure that the Bahamian government would allow at least six of these people back into the country as their status is in question in the Bahamas big time…and unlike our great country, they don’t play games with this stuff…unless you are “pals” with the Minister of Immigration, by coincidence Anna and Howard were…his mom, Mrs. Gibson was even a nanny at one time for Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern. How cool is this, what ever happened to the good minister?

Well I have to be honest with all of you, I was dozing off so bad that I yawned I guess too loud and Prosecutor Rose looked back at me. There were a few people looking at me this morning, one was none other than the good doctor herself, Eroshevich. She was present with her lawyer and someone in the audience that I was told by a reliable source was her “boyfriend”…like my uncle Roy once said, “there’s a saddle for every horse if you are patient enough.” Renee Rose is a smart and aggressive member of the District Attorney’s Office, and I am going to say this and it is with all good intent: Madame Prosecutor, your hair had the appearance in the back that a pack of Hyenas had been chewing on it, been on any safaris lately? You are attractive, very smart, dress well and you need to see my old friend Jose Eber, tell him you are with the DAs office, he loves people in your profession.

When the court broke for lunch the jury was removed and Steve Sadow wanted to know when was his turn? Judge Perry told him that due to the court and D.A. being hoodwinked (my words) by this group from the Bahamas that the normal order was going to be interrupted and he would get his (sadows ) shot later in the week or early next week. I only showed up as I thought I was going to see Sadow make some “jerk chicken.” No Sadow, get my car to the curb, I am leaving. I am still baffled about this translator thing…and the 9 people it took to get them here and the fact that one of them is looking for some “Do Re Mi” for a new place to stay when she gets back to the Bahamas…as my daddy once said, “it don’t hurt to ask.” I left as I was not going to go through anymore “Nannies” and the DAs useless attempts to hang the Stooges, it was not working and the jury also had the same pained look as many of us did…I am not going back till I am sure Sadow will be giving “the look.”

The prosecutor tried to get as much as she could from the “witness” in reference to many subjects, and much was heresay and not allowed. It was dam near all “Her Say” and even some “She Say”…will we ever know. There was much talked about the
“spoon,” and Quethlie went into some detail of finding the “spoon” and the “syringe” with blood in it and little cotton alcohol pads, “Kris asked for a spoon.” Judge Perry tried to have it explained to show how big the spoon was, “tea or soup”…once again, Judge Perry was not going to let this stuff into the world of the jury and again, go figure, what is going on here? Note: I have some very interesting first hand knowledge of this subject (spoons, needles, and dirty syringes) that was going to go into a book, this was all given to me as an example of how fascinating all of this could be! In our tell-all (I still have all my notes! just fascinating)
The “Nanny” Q also went into detail about a meeting with “TV types” right after Daniel died to do a show or video about his “overdose.” As it appeared that a deal had been made and was all ready to go. All to perhaps make a buck! Until Anna caught on and again, it appeared that Anna was not having any part of it. And was very upset and Nanny Q stated, Anna Nicole Smith said, “I trusted you with my child and you killed him” this too was very dramatic and was said while the jury was not present in the courtroom. Oh, Nanny Q was doing a fine job, just lovely, only problem was that much was “Her Say” and most was not in response to the question asked by the prosecutor. Can we get rid of the translator? It is much clearer when Nanny Q speaks English.

Judge Perry was very clear that he was going to give this very qualified group of defense lawyers time to Right the Ship. Madam Prosecutor had to wonder if she had time to build a new ship, as the one she was standing on was on the rocks with two masts snapped at deck level and the sun was setting fast!

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