Let’s all dance the “Hooterville Recant”!

September 4, 2010

Witness recants statements in Anna Nicole case

By LINDA DEUTSCH (AP) 1 hour ago
LOS ANGELES A witness in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy trial has recanted statements critical of the former model’s lawyer-boyfriend Howard K. Stern, a defendant in the case.
Ford Shelley testified Friday in Los Angeles that he never saw Smith abuse drugs, never saw Stern force medication on her, and believes Stern shouldn’t be on trial.

Hogs from HootervilleWHAT???? “Recant…These jerks! Oh sure, go right ahead and make false testimony and how about this? Much of what this crew from “Hooterville” did in fact caused huge damage to Howard K. Stern’s reputation and health, beyond huge…and what about the theft of all the stuff from Howard and Annas house? No I am not saying there is not a story here, quite to the contrary, there is a huge and fascinating story (Kris and I were going to write one hell of a tell-all at one time). But LYING TO THE STATE AGENTS and to the POLICE? That was once upon time an arrestable offense, PERJURY, MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS TO POLICE AND PEACE OFFICERS! And what has this done to Jerry Browns career, this is just terrible, he took the hook and the bait and swam up stream to only get caught in a catch basin with this whole crew of liars and pirates…(apologies to pirates, I love pirates).

Folks what I am about to say is strong and it needs to be said, the agents and police these people lied to should go back and arrest them. This is the problem, people go and lie to the cops and nothing happens to them. And in doing so make the agents and the entire system look like fools, raids and all that silly stuff! Well excluding the stuff they found in Kapoor’s closet (the one in his bedroom). Either they lied or they told the truth, I am again not saying people in and around Anna did nothing wrong…however, there has to be evidence and most of all the truth. Now here is another great question, will Howard K. Stern go after these rich bumpkins for damages?

Ford Shelley, aka Edsel, what were you thinking to get yourself caught up in this? LOL Not that I too was not involved and “saw the light”…what a ride, ehh? “A good woman trying to help” in reference to Eroshevich…did anyone one see Jesus in that courtroom? Rainbows, white lights, humming or chanting? She is a good woman, just made a few errors of judgment and so what at that…who does not enjoy a good splash in a hot tub with a blond and in the end who cares, I say no one, Eroshevich is a free spirit and smart…well most of the time!

Once again, I have to thank my friend, Linda Deutsch for these wonderful excerpts from the courtroom in Los Angeles. We are doing a Willie Nelson…”On the Road Again”…and this trial is so boring who could sit and listen…suuuuueeeeeeee! “Watch out for that pig, dam it you almost hit it!”

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