Steve Sadow, a real “Discovery”

September 1, 2010

Steve Sadow and Howard K. SternReflect on those wonderful, song-filled days in church and hearing what a friend we have in Jesus. And that other one that I learned quickly was, Steve who?, Said what ?, ahhhhhh Steve Sadow, what next, will we hear Geraldo singing the praises of Howard K. Stern?

Prosecutor Rene Rose must feel like those Japanese soldiers who hid in the jungle for 40 years waiting to fight or be rescued, only to realize that it is was all over. That being the battle, the presentation of the evidence, the long hard fought battle. Oh for sure the evidence that she has would show “guilt,” but Rene, you got out-lawyered by the Gentleman from Georgia. Sadow so narrowed what the prosecution could present with the blessing of Judge Perry that it must be like trying to make a nice tomato sauce with no tomatoes! Ben Thompson, Ford Shelley and the rest of these folk must have had a “coming to Jesus” moment. These guys were like the Huns at one time, entering the castle and pillaging in the name of Anna Nicole Smith. “we will save all of her property from those who should have it.” Once again, can we all remember the interviews early on and what was said? Does anyone remember the stories these people were telling…and now in Judge Perrys court we have the “Harper Valley PTA.” Good god can we have a sing along and lean to and fro? How disappointing it had to be for the prosecutor to sit and listen to the people’s own witnesses continue the Sadow “beat.” All we needed was Sonny and Chers wonderful song, “The Beat Goes On” playing softly in the background…and Judge Perry sitting and keeping beat with his head going back and fourth!

Again, when all these people hated each other, that was when the truth was spoken. Yes sirreee when there was no fear of being served papers or of being sued…that has all changed, and I guess when you are walking in and out of a public building and cannot hide, the thought of being served has to be with you. And of course we have the ultimate secret weapon, Steve Sadow, I never heard of this guy until the publicity picture went up with Steve, Chris, Howard and whats her name. Howard and I will never forget that picture and announcement, it was an awakening, a new day, praise the lord! Chris is a good lawyer in his own way and has a lower key in his style, Sadow needed Chris to be able to throw the prosecutions case into the gutter. Chris has been more of a well dressed lawyer with an occasional comment about the weather…sit back and watch the show Chris. BUT! Sadow, he was this lawyer from Georgia who changed the whole case for Howard K. Stern. The initial feeling was that HKS would throw the docs under the proverbial bus if he had to. And we have all heard one of the ‘two pals” say how he “did not understand how Howard was in with the doctors.” Well if we play all that stuff during “the drama in the Bahamas” and the Attorney General of California was hearing all of this and thought he could hang his hat on this case for publicity. This was said way before the indictments and is still a question of wonderment. When you hear the testimony from the Bahamas, HKS was the original demon seed. However when these very same people speak now, one must wonder if Howard was not Jewish would there not be a papal thought of sainthood?

Ah but in the end it was the “Sadow,” oh you betcha! And as of lately, we now have Judge Perry feeling the need to make comments that must make Prosecutor Rene Rose feel like the Secret Service when that nut job threw his sandal at George W. Bush and they were in the back eating fruit loops…how has this case and the prosecution of the stooges gone so wrong for the prosecutor? Poor Rene must feel like a tap dancer with no taps, a puppeteer with no puppets, an actor with no show, a photographer with no camera…..ok Ill stop.

And how about this, Anna Nicole Smiths mother has to sit there in that court and listen to what adds up to nothing but “hog wash,” And she will be sitting there most likely when all three are set free. The facts and the truth will once again be placed on the back burner until someone writes a book based on the truth. It is all right there for all to read at some point, it is called “DISCOVERY.”

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