Hooterville comes to LA: G. Ben Thompson takes the stand

August 26, 2010

G. Ben Thompson

G Ben Thompson, a South Carolina developer, said he began a romantic relationship with the former Playboy model when she visited his Myrtle Beach home in the summer of 2005. He said she stayed in his room while Howard K. Stern, her lawyer and sometimes boyfriend, stayed in the guest room.

That is dedication, Anna would go in and take care of business with the wealthy developer and Howard would be camped out in the “Guest Room.” Was he still her boyfriend at that time or was there a time-out called? This behavior was called into play with one of those politicians in the Bahamas at one time, was it not? And I can see you all getting your soap boxes out to shout “not fair.” I think that if more people had open relationships like Howard’s and Anna’s there would be more married couples sitting around with one looking loopy and the other wondering what happened. And relationships would last longer…well, maybe!

Smith was pregnant, and when her daughter was born in September of that year, Thompson said, Smith asked him to put his name on the birth certificate as father of the child.
“I contemplated it but it was not the right thing to do,” he said. “I knew I was not the father. I had had a vasectomy.”

A vasectomy. well that is nice, as there are a few in this Anna Nicole Smith saga who I am sure have had frontal lobotomies. Hell, I understand that you can even re-connect the tubes in one of those sperm road blocks. But as we all know you cannot fix stupid. Anna had to know who the real daddy was very early on, after all she was there. And if there Dannielynn and Daddywas any question at all there sure was none when the little girl was born. Just beautiful, and let me say this, some babies are just ugly at birth and remain ugly babies until death. Not Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, she is nothing short of gorgeous. Now when you look at Anna and “him,” there is no question that the two would have had a beautiful baby. Soooooo why did Anna Nicole Smith go through all that she did when she was alive to prevent the truth and “him” from taking the rightful position that he deserved? G. Ben Thompson, daddy? Daddy from Hooterville, what did Anna see in this guy — Hmm a house in the Bahamas? Why did she go through so many hoops and even to the point of making Howard K. Stern the daddy? Did you all remember that, how cool it was. Even looking back and realizing many people had been duped, in the “happy couple” thing. Even though all of us who had any sense stated, “the baby looks like him, you know the other “him.” And in the end it was proven who “daddy” was, him. And from that point, who would have ever expected the turn of events that would follow. The question is this, had Anna Nicole Smith lived would she have ever given credit to the rightful father, and if not why? Was it the outside influences, was it the drugs or was it something more devious?

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