Anna Nicole’s 3 Stooges have a friend in Judge Perry

August 21, 2010

Anna Nicole SmithLike I said from the beginning, Judge Perry did not like this case from the very first hours of the prelim. The defense was thrilled and less thrilled when it was going to be held in another court. Then in a twist of fate it was back with Judge Perry. Folks he does not like this case and in my opinion feels it to be a waste of judicial time.

Note: the quotes below are from Linda Deutschs article for AP, I would have gone down to CCB but I was scheduled for a foot massage and my dogs nails had to be clipped. Choices, choices, choices LMAO!

The criticism came as Superior Court Judge Robert Perry reluctantly agreed to let jurors see a videotape of Smith on an awards show in a performance her former boyfriend Larry Birkhead said was considered “loopy, wacky and crazy” by many people.
Perry, however, said outside the jury’s presence that he was concerned about the prosecution’s case.
“It’s the people’s position that Anna Nicole was kept in a drugged state,” Perry said. “They claim she was a pawn in the hands of her handlers and doctors who kept her in a drugged state to control her and her money.”
The evidence so far does not support that, he said.
“I’m seeing a strong-willed person who ordered people around and was her own boss,” Perry said.

Judge Perry gets it, the charges as they are filed are the problem, as I stated before, the truth will never be found in this courtroom. The truth was when everyone hated each other in Florida, do ya remember all of that? The accusations when you listen to all of it it made great sense. What is happening now is again as I predicted, Howard and Company are on their way to freedom. Good lawyering for sure, but the prosecution built their case on wet sand and the tide is coming in. Poor Rene Rose must feel like a juggler, and instead of nice firm apples, she got eggs and they are all cracked and she must be feeling what everyone else is feeling: Can we do an omelet? And that feeling once again, “what are we doing here?” After what these people have been put through, one would think the city of angels would be going to compensate them for a bad prosecution. Hindsight is always 20/20 and again if stupidity was a form of wealth many of these people would be billionaires. The truth and the facts are never going to see the light of day as it sits right now…well that is the hope anyway.

Perry refused to let Rose show a video of Kapoor nuzzling and kissing Smith at a party after a 2005 gay parade. But the prosecutor was allowed to show still photos of the events. In one picture, Kapoor was bare-chested. In another, he was standing with Smith and wearing a T-shirt with the inscription, “Trust me. I’m a doctor.”

Thank you your Honor! What was he looking for, a nut? Girlfriend you need to check yourself, nuzzling? This is why I don’t drink anymore and I bet Kapoor will have different thoughts on that behavior in the future. “Trust me. Im a doctor”…from my knowledge Kapoor has a very successful medical practice and will be fine. Dr. Eroshevich will too survive if found not guilty and Howard? Not a question one of the most brilliant minds I have ever been around…on certain subjects. It is his reasoning one must look at and wonder, why did you do that? The worm is turning and it is going into the favor of all three at the present time. Initially I felt HKS was going to do the happy walk either way, but one has to always wonder about an L.A. jury.

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