“I’m too stupid for my shirt” sings Dr. Kapoor

August 13, 2010

Thanks to Linda Deutsch, world class reporter with AP, she has reloaded me for another hour or two of farce at its best. We continue the search for words that will help all of you non-believers understand that there was some bad shit going on. And yesterday was one of those days that the worm was turning, along with Dr. Kapoors stomach.

Prosecutors showed jurors their most explosive evidence against Anna Nicole Smith’s doctor Thursday journal entries in which he writes of partying with her during a gay pride parade and wonders, “Can she ruin me?”

Dr. Sandeep Trust Me Kapoor and Anna Nicole SmithWell I am pleased to report that Dr. Sandeep “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” Kapoor will have no problem in the future for employment in the event he is forced to surrender his license to practice medicine. He can become a “reader,” this is a term used in the Gypsy community to predict the future. Can she ruin me?, the next question could well have been will her lifestyle and those who share it with her, watch her move into the hereafter. Explosive evidence…more explosive than these peoples’ careers blowing up before their very own eyes?

drinking expensive champagne with Smiths boyfriend, Howard K. Stern!

Howard? My only question was who was paying for it? Anna, Howard, the six cops, the waving fans, who? “mesmerizing, watching the crowd wave at us, and now Kapoor is doing the waving, as his career drifts away into the land of the unknown.

Genens and Marquez said Kapoor told them he did not have any patient files at home. But when she poked her hand into a pile of neatly folded clothing on the floor of his bedroom closet, she said, she felt papers and extracted a file folder with Smith’s name inside, along with one of her pseudonyms and the name of her son…Genens testified that three different files were found two in the home and one in Garafalo’s office detailing a single home visit made to Smith a year before she died. One of them mentioned that she had a possible addiction to opiates, he said.

Now come on all of you non-believers, why would the “buffed one” be hiding one of ANS’ files in between the shirts in his closet. Was it so that he could rub them all over his buffed body? And also with her son’s name on it, what was he doing? Was he going to re-construct a medical file, you know, this was the truth then, but this will be the truth now. Then I will look fine and no one will know the difference. Well that was great thinking as long as the cops don’t raid your house early in the morning as you lay there thinking how clever and buffed you are.

Note: Dr. Eroshevich is in trouble for not keeping track of her treatment of her pal in the form of files. And we have Sandeep Drummy keeping multiple records, perhaps different versions but none the less records…some days you just cant win.

Now here we go with my promise for the special words, I told you there would be some great ones, here is another: Nefarious.” Now that is a very strong word…someone should print that on a T-shirt and sell them outside the courthouse.

Nearly a year later, he wrote, “I’m addicted to Ambien. I’ve got to get off it.”

Sandeep, you may very well be a medical doctor and you…seem to know what you are doing. And through my “studies” I wonder what it is exactly that you do? Well, more of that later. I am addicted to Ambien, you are also addicted to stupid, you were warned by the old doctor you bought the practice from and you paid no attention. Orgy?, who was at this orgy? or was that the ambien talking? An “orgy,” girlfriend what were you thinking…don’t worry, you too have Ellyn Garafalo a world class lawyer who will explain all your stupidity away. Well, at least she will try. And again, we have Howard K. Stern, still wondering what am I doing here?

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