Therapeutic Levels, 3 Stooges, and One Dead Celeb

August 11, 2010

The following news clips came from someone that I have a great deal of respect for and that is Linda Deutsch, the legend from AP. I hope that she does not mind me using them, but I have a reason.

Under questioning by Deputy District Attorney David Barkhurst, Schueler said he did not find the powerful sleeping medication chloral hydrate in Smith’s bodily fluids because it has a very short life of about four minutes.But he said he found metabolites showing the drug had been present in large amounts and had probably been taken for eight days straight.

Anna Nicole Smith body
Dr. Eroshevich was beyond helpful in the early stages of this investigation, to the point of suggesting that Dr. Perper dig deeper into the buttocks of Anna Nicole Smith. When he did he found “pockets of infection,” that would have gone unnoticed.. Had it not been for Dr. Eroshivich, I too believe that it would have gone unnoticed (Wondering, if you cook a medication down in a spoon, like a junkie, and then draw it up into a less than sterile syringe and inject the same into the area of the buttocks, does that leave residual material behind to cause an infection?). It was smart that Dr. Khris assisted the coroner, and more to the point that she was being open and wanting to make sure that there was no question as to the amount of medications that were still sitting in the bottles. Lots of drugs for sure, however, lots still not used. This was very smart and was done to be completely transparent with the authorities. So smart that who else is surprised that it was Dr. Eroshevich who did it???!!!!

No illegal drugs were detected by the toxicology tests, he said.

Now if I was sitting in that jury I would be right about now saying to myself, self, why am I sitting here?” no illegal drugs does it not get any simpler than that? All I have to do now is hear “therapeutic” level and I should go home. This is a twist, is it not? Nothing illegal, that is a good thing. HKS must be sitting at the defense table wondering, what am I doing here? Now in this segment it would be Kapoor looking like he digested a large feathered bird. Sure, Dr. Eroshevich did take a great deal of care to try and monitor and control the intake of the Blond Bomb Shell…that same “bomb” that blew these peoples’ careers right into the crapper. No matter what the outcome of this “trial,” these three will be credited with the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Sure, Drumb and Drumber and The Drum Major, “march this way and follow me, I am in complete control”…Those fateful last hours had to be like juggling ten balls and at one point the pain you feel is the realization that two of those balls are your own!

Under questioning by lawyer Steve Sadow, who represents defendant Howard Stern, Schueler said all of the drugs except for the chloral hydrate were present in small amounts at “a therapeutic level.”

Therapeutic Level,” I was not present, but I bet “The Gentleman from Georgia,” Steve Sadow did one of those glances towards the jury, as to say, “did you hear that?” And again, HKS and the two dummies are wondering, “why are we here?” Therapeutic Level, this had to be painful for the prosecution. I recall in the early stages of the pre-lim that Judge Perry did not have a solid grasp as to why “this” case was being prosecuted…go look at the record. Not exactly but look at the record and see what his honor said.

A chart prepared by Schueler showed the medications were prescribed by numerous doctors, including some in the Bahamas, with many of the labels showing pseudonyms for Smith, including Michelle Chase, Susie Wong and Jean Smith.

Michele Chase is back on the “set,” girlfriend! Tell me did you ever think that this would get to this point…a simple name, Michele Chase,” if the girls at the club could see you now. Having read a great deal over the last several months I got it, the “relationship,” daddy. LMAO Back to the chase, well the story, again, where are all these other doctors? “some in the Bahamas” well they are safe. Any others here, and if so why is it all we have sitting at the defense table are the two dummies? Was Kapoor and Eroshevichs timing all wrong. Did they fall into a political trap? Should there not be others warming the seats? Quite frankly, Dr. Eroshevich was trying her best to try and save ANS from killing herself. Well lets just hope the rest of her practice was a bit more successful. As I stated before, Khris could be fun and engaging at times and is not a bad doctor. She really wanted to help, and try and get it right, it is no fun sitting and traveling with a dead celebrity, quite frankly the whole thing at some point would be a real stinker. Another good word, “stinker,” “stinks” and “scheming,” let’s do this, as this trial goes along let’s pick words that will reflect what this case is really about. These are good starters, I promise there will be some Hum Dingers when the cast of characters leaves “Hooterville.”

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