The Dirtiest Card in the Divorce Game

June 28, 2009

The Computer Porn ButtonEvery story or complaint usually has two sides, right? and when only one side is listened to things can go horribly wrong. This is the case of a former client of mine, let’s for this story call him “Mr. Unfortunate,” this is a good name for him as it speaks the truth. As it was unfortunate for him that he married not only a lunatic, but a rotten, underhanded kind of lunatic. A lunatic that is capable of almost anything.

As any seasoned divorce lawyer will tell you, as well as any judge who has sat on the bench for more than a week will also tell you, accusations of molestation are always the “dirty card” to play. All these years mommy and daddy were alright with each other (maybe) and the children that they both loved so dearly, also fine. Children, “cards” to be played in the game of Divorce like it was a poker game, and you might not like this comparison but parents do it and they do it often. You betcha, in Divorce all is fair and this aspect of the game is nothing but nasty! This method is as underhanded as you can get as you travel the unpaved road of divorce.

I have always told my clients that I will not play this nasty part of the game. IF it is true we need to call the police. And you should be prepared to tell the truth as to when you noticed this abuse. Also, why did you wait so long to report it?Unfortunately this is not the case most of the time, it is an ignorant attempt to get a “one up” on the other. I do not know any lawyers that would participate in this as it is very dangerous as to losing any credibility with the judge on the case. And if your client gets caught and a police report is made against him or her for filing false charges, that can be as serious as the bogus accusation.

Well back to “Mr. Unfortunate,” his lunatic ex somehow gets their minor child involved to give a declaration (this is the ULTIMATE parental alienation act that there is) to the FBI, plus her driven illusions to win at all costs that her former husband, our “Mr. Unfortunate,” has “child porn” on his computer! Along with his brother too. Impossible you say? Wait it will get much worse. One day a few weeks ago, “Mr. Unfortunate” is sitting in his house minding his own business when his home and that of his parents are raided by the FBI. Search warrant in hand, and at gun point, he and his brother and 89 year old parents and removed and handcuffed. Just like the movies folks, this is serious stuff and the FBI is a very serious law enforcement agency. All computers are confiscated and now “Mr. Unfortunate” waits……..this scheme from the inception could very well be one of the best that I have seen pulled in almost 18 years of working in the world of divorce. Anytime an individual can get a law enforcement agency to go after an ex-husband on such a story, that is pretty damn good. More often than not it is the “mysterious” phone call to child protective services and that can be bad enough, but they are obligated to go and look and see for themselves. I have spoken to many employees of Children’s Protective Services and they understand how often they are “punked” but if all is well the “target” of the crank call is given a clean bill of health and left alone…this caper is on another level, one of the best I have ever seen.

Now, I told “Mr. Unfortunate” that the only way to stop this will be to cooperate with the FBI the best that he can. And to make it very clear to the agents in charge that this is a DIVORCE case and a classic case of “Parental Alienation,” and that the mother, aka “lunatic,” has coached and cajoled her minor child to participate in this terrible plot against his own father. That is bad enough but can you imagine? Your parents in their 80s and this happens to them and you are a professional and now what. “Mr. Unfortunate” will have to file a civil suit for millions against the lunatic to defend his reputation and hope to god that the government will also get it. There is little question in my mind that the FBI agents once they get the whole story and the “base plan” they will get it. Fair-minded American citizens will pray that charges are brought against this very desperate ex when it is discovered what she did.

Alright, could there be child porn on his computer? I think not, as I know this guy and I also know how much he loves his child. And under any other circumstances I would be less skeptical, BUT! during a divorce this is typical and I wish the FBI agents would have maybe looked behind the reasons that this “good samaritan” aka “lunatic” was coming forward and maybe, just maybe they would have responded differently. We will update this story later as it develops.

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