Robyn Gibson moving on

June 24, 2009

Robyn, Mel & Oksana

Robyn Gibson is “moving on” it has been reported…no shit! She should have moved on a long time ago. Mel is doing what rich guys do, and that is having a ball and all that comes with being a star, even an aging one…as he has famously stated many times, he is rich. And that would be a “roger” on that.

Robyn is in her 50s and looks great and will be fine…this certainly appears to have not been any great surprise to her, as it was going on over the last few years. She too will still be rich as she has a right to and will be fine, in time. She is still very attractive and has a level of class that is rare in this town. To both Mels credit and to Robyns they both have limited their comments and rubbing salt into open wounds. That is if you will ignore Mels hand holding with Oksana that was photographed for all to see, “hey I am fine” was the tone I got from the photo op. And he is fine, not to mention virile enough to father again…Mel just don’t forget, the sleeker, smoother and faster model has a shelf life that I predict will be much shorter than the time you spent with Robyn. Not being a jerk here folks, one was for the long term, the other…well it will be little longer than an amusement ride, a very costly one.

I was recently chastised that I tend to lean towards the women’s point of view. Well, after giving it about 5 seconds of thought I guess I do…perhaps it is my being in touch with my feminine side, or my past coming to haunt me. I don’t know, but it is true, was begun for women in the throws of getting screwed, beat up, or just not being treated fair, either by a big —K —-, or –G —-E —-, or A –G ———E, or just joe shit the rag man, women more often than not get the dirty end of the stick. MY OPINION ONLY, sure if they get $500 a month in support they were probably due $1,000 and if they got a $ 2,000,000 settlement they were more likely due a $5,000,000 one. Don’t like my opinion? Don’t read it and go “fudge yourself,” I don’t care. And readers, don’t worry, when given enough rope the bad guys will often hang themselves.

In Robyn Gibsons case, trust me, she will do very well, as I believe that Mel has not too much of a choice. He is very rich, and she was the strength behind the man for many years and will be well taken care of. And in the end, do you need hundreds of millions to live well? No, not even in Malibu. I wish Robyn well and hope that she lives in the joy of the wonderful family she built and also understands that she and Mel will always be attached through their children, good luck and much happiness to all involved…And for the girlfriends, LMAO, you all have expiration dates, enjoy it while you can!

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