Pellicano Trial: Leslie Abramson rescues George Kalta’s behind

July 1, 2009

Leslie Abramson welcomes retirement Yesterday it was almost like old times at the Roybal Federal building in Los Angeles, after the weeks that I spent covering the Pellicano Trial. As I walked in who should I run into but Leslie Abramson, lawyer extraordinaire. Too bad for all of you bad guys in need of a good attorney to bail your sorry asses out, but Leslie is going to be taking a very long break. Her appearance this morning before Judge Dale Fischer will be her last, she is done and did not seem unhappy in her proclamation! I wish her well, it was a privilege to have watched her at different times during her career. She is one of the female legends in the practice of law, she was never known for taking anyone’s BS, a tough cookie when having a tough cookie is a good thing.

Well, George Kalta was in front of Judge Fischer for his sentencing for hiring The Pelican to wiretap a woman accusing him of assault. He has been waiting for what must seem like years to him and his family. He was dressed in his usual very large black suit, it looked even larger as he has lost a little weight. For George losing a few pounds is a little like taking off the 17 inch wheel in exchange for a 16 inch on your Cadillac Escalade. He looked a little like that Big M&M you see in the commercials on television. You know the one that is running on the conveyor headed for the bag…..poor George was sweating and looked like he was going to collapse at any minute. Prosecutor Dan Saunders was also present and was looking as he always had, well-dressed and well-spoken and calm…his calmness I think made poor George even more nervous. George Kalta is also the only person that I ever met or heard of that got a refund from Anthony Pellicano……and then again, there are not many people who can whine at the level George can.

There was a secondary report needed and when George heard that he began to look even worse. His lawyer asked if he could sit down, and Judge Fischer offered but George said he would rather stand. Well in the end George Kalta got a $100 fine, a $5,000 fine and 3 years probation. And the Judge took notice of his ill health and waived the “Cal Trans” trash pick up….now this is no small task as even Judge Fischer made the comment that seldom if ever does one’s medical condition qualify for an easy, non-caltrans assignment…but George got NO community service. Guilty! but he will walk…..I bet you that he has stopped complaining about the fees paid to his lawyer! She did very good at working with the prosecutors and walking George through the process.

George you should throw a nice big bonus or at least a nice one week vacation of her choice (not yours) for Ms. Abramson, as you got to be involved with one of the legends in criminal defense and on her last day.

We at wish Ms. Abramson all the best in her days and years to come in retirement.

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